real estate blogging, Real Estate Blogging Ideas You Can Use TodayAre you a real estate agent looking to ramp up your SEO? Attract more clients to your real estate business? Then you must consider real estate blogging.

Blogging on real estate topics positions you as an authority in your industry and drives buyers and sellers to your website. I was wondering where you'll find all those topics and ideas? We've got you covered.

Here is an abundance of real estate blogging topics you can create to bring potential clients to your real estate website. There are more ways to attract potential clients than with Google PPC ads!

The Benefits of Hiring a Real Estate Professional

Not everyone knows the benefits of hiring a real estate agent. They may not want to pay the commission when they sell their home.  But if they've never sold a home before, they're in for a rude awakening.

In your post, let them know how an agent will help them negotiate a better price, deal with lawyers, and tackle the paperwork. This may help them have a change of heart.

Meet The Team

Telling stories about you and your team serves as a great way to put faces to the professionals in your company. People want to work with human beings with whom they can relate.

Introduce each staff member. Write up a bio explaining their role at the company. And don't forget to include something personal such as what they do in their spare time.

Answering User Questions

People have so many questions about the real estate process. You can find them everywhere online and even in your forum on your website.

Answering user questions make great blog posts. From how to work with a realtor to a guide to getting a mortgage and much more, you'll attract and educate people on your website and introduce them to your business!

2020 Housing Trends

Writing about housing trends in your area will surely attract readers. And increase your conversion rates when your readers turn into buyers.

Some ideas to include in your article are the state of the current real estate market if it's better to buy or sell, and the rates buyers can expect to pay for a mortgage.

Use plenty of statistics to back up your blog post and make a high-quality blog post. It will drive traffic to your website and give your readers a clear picture of the real estate market.

Luxury Property Listings

We all love to view photos of gorgeous luxury properties. And buyers looking to purchase these high-end properties are no different.

This is a great way to market your exclusive listings in your blog posts. You can even do a featured property listing of the week or a list of several properties. You'll also show buyers and sellers you meet a high standard.

Celebrity Homes for Sale

Website visitors love finding out about celebrity homes. From viewing the interiors where the rich and famous live to see the homes they're selling, you're sure to get many views on this post.

If you happen to be fortunate enough to list one of these abodes, that's fantastic. But this idea is also a great strategy to get eyes on your properties.

Attractive and Affordable Properties

If you're a real estate agent, you may also want to feature affordable listings to appeal to buyers with various budgets. In your blog post, put photos and links to your affordably priced homes for sale.

Make sure the homes you sell are in pristine condition. You wouldn't want to feature properties in disarray that are run down. Make sure and take excellent photos.

Consider hiring a photographer and videographer to show your properties in their best light. If a photographer isn't within the budget, ensure your photographs use good lighting.

You want to establish a reputation for selling and buying properties that feature a high standard; the last thing you want: is homes that look shoddy.

How to Deal With Difficult Tenants

Does your agency sell commercial properties or multiple home units such as apartment buildings or condominiums? Then write a blog post with landlords and investors in mind.

Problematic tenants can be a landlord's worst nightmare. These tenants that make noise and do other undesirable behaviors can increase vacancies.

Consider guiding new landlords to agencies and organizations that offer help. Explain landlord rights and introduce them to laws that protect their investment and their bottom line.

The Neighborhoods You Serve

Consider writing a blog post on the neighborhoods you serve. Include the history of the neighborhood and what makes the neighborhood unique.

Organize your post by the population the neighborhood attracts. Create a section for each type. For example, family neighborhoods, neighborhoods for college students, and neighborhoods for singles or retirees if it applies.

Local Nightlife

One way to attract potential clients is to tell them about the exciting nightlife in the towns and cities you have listings. For young people, this can influence their decision to move into a particular neighborhood.

Let them know about the best restaurants and local clubs. And how easy and convenient it is to enjoy a night in the town.

Interior Design Basics

When people move into an empty home, it can be overwhelming to fill up space. For example, many people in New York are moving into larger homes in Connecticut from smaller apartments due to the pandemic.

As you may know, this is happening in other big cities as well. People are seeing the benefit of moving to less crowded suburbs.

In your blog post, offer basic design principles and tips. Write about selecting furniture, ideas for choosing color palettes, and how to paint the walls.

Or guide them on how to choose art for their new homes. Put links to local home goods stores or links to interior designers if they need extra help.

Questions to Ask When Hiring an Interior Designer

This blog post will let your readers know how to work with interior designers. This relationship between designer and homeowner poses many questions.

Answering these many questions provides excellent fodder for your post. Areas to cover include planning, turnaround time, pricing, materials, and selecting furniture and decor.

Write About a Partnership With an Interior Designer

A super real estate blogging idea is to write about a new partnership. Interior designers work with real estate agents. They provide an incentive for potential buyers and sellers to sign with you at no cost.

Some interior designers also offer virtual design services through Zoom. It's a win-win situation for agents, clients, and designers.

Home Security Guide

If you live in a city or even an area with low crime, adequate home security is necessary. Let your readers know about different home security systems.

Discuss the pros and cons of each, including cost and reliability. You can provide installation tips or refer them to a professional that takes care of both sales and installation.

First-Time Buyers FAQs

First-time buyers have loads of questions. And these questions make for good real estate blogging topics to attract them to your business website.

As a real estate agent, this will be easy for you. You probably already know their questions and all the answers. If you're new in the field, ask your broker. Or do a Google search, and you're set.

How to Get a Good Price for Your Property

Sharing selling tips make you look good. Writing about these ideas will show that you're an agent with the clients' best interests in mind.

Clients appreciate learning tips that help them. It provides peace of mind and eliminates their stress knowing there are ways to solve their real estate woes.

House Tours

This is an excellent real estate blogging idea you can do regularly. Aim for once a month. Work with your photographer to video your house tours.

You can still show photos or virtual tours. Or a combination of both. House tours let your visitors see your homes from the exterior and the interior and from the mudroom to the finished basement– and every room in between.

House tours work as an effective way to drive more traffic to your real estate website. And increase your chances of getting more clients.

Hot Listings of the Week

Writing a blog post on the hot listing of the week is a great sales tactic for potential buyers to view your listings. Make sure to choose a listing that will wow them.

Write about the specific features that make the properties unique. Perhaps they have a green roof or exceptional amenities included in a condo community you can't find anywhere else.

Buying Vs. Renting: Which Is Better?

Writing about the pros and cons of buying versus renting helps people looking for a new home. Of course, this real estate blogging idea will only be useful if you also offer rentals. Or if buying is better.

Put links and photos in your blog post to the properties you sell. Make sure to include statistics from reputable websites. This will help your post get backlinks from high authority sites, which boosts your SEO in a big way.

Insiders Guide: How to Find Great Properties

In this blog post, you'll keep the focus on your experience. As an insider, you'll provide expert tips on how to locate swoon-worthy properties.

Begin the article with the low inventory in the market. Then use your insider expertise to show potential clients ways to find excellent properties in any market.

The Pros And Cons of Hiring a Home Inspector

Hiring a home inspector provides a ton of value for a homeowner. Inspectors help buyers find plumbing, electrical and other problems that help them negotiate a better buying price.

But hiring a home inspector isn't for everyone, especially a home seller, because it costs money. A list of pros and cons will let your readers know the best decision for their unique situation.

Best Real Estate Guides

The real estate industry puts out thousands of guides and books about the market. As an expert, tell your readers which guides are worth the read.

Make sure you've read these guides. You wouldn't want to advise on something with which you're not familiar.

How to Take Beautiful Photos of Your Listing

Teaching readers how to take beautiful photos make an excellent real estate blogging idea. When they see how attractive your listing photos are, they may decide to sign with you.

In the post, talk about lighting, natural light, and camera angles. Make sure to use your current listings as examples.

The Guide to Evicting a Tenant

Evictions are emotional. Many landlords avoid the process because it's so stressful. If you offer property management services with your real estate services, this can be a great way of attracting clients.

But even if you don't, the landlords will discover other content on your website. And they'll learn about your services and your agency.

Landscaping Tips for Curb Appeal

A home with curb appeal is appealing to buyers. With a large outdoor space, it can be difficult for sellers to know what to do.

Give your home sellers affordable ideas they can do on their own. Include inexpensive fixes such as flowerpots, plants, and pavers. You'll be a big help.

Don't Make These Mistakes When Selling Your Home

Help sellers learn about what not to do from other home sellers mistakes. This will help them learn about the consequences of rushing into a sale without thinking.

Tell your target audience what they need to avoid if you can find examples of these mistakes, even better!

What You Need to Know Before Buying a Historic Home

One of the best blogging ideas in a town with historic homes is the reality of buying them. This is especially helpful when you sell landmark homes.

Educate your readers about the laws and insurance requirements so they can decide if buying a historic home is the best purchasing idea for their families and budget.

Adding Real Estate Blogging Ideas to Your Marketing Strategy

Now you have an abundance of real estate blogging ideas to drive traffic to your website. You'll be amazed when you optimize your blog posts on how many new customers can come from your blog.

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