revive old blog posts, Revive Old Blog Posts | Chapter #3Step 7 – Start Driving Traffic

Now comes the exciting part. Everything is updated and ready to go. If you haven’t already done so, republish or hit save draft. Look at your post and make sure everything looks the way you want it to. Try the links. Are they all working, and are your affiliate links tracking ok?

Great. Now it’s time to get the ball rolling and give the post a little head start to get some traction.

Change The Date

Change the publish date to today’s date, so your post shows up on the home page on your blog and gets sent out via RSS feeds.  This alone will get some traffic coming to the new post, and people may share via social media, etc.

Share on Social Media

Speaking of which… now is an excellent time for you to send out some of those social signals and make sure the stuff starts to get shared around on your best social media sites. Go ahead and pin your images. Then go back and re-pin it to one or two of your favorite group boards as it applies.

Share the post on Facebook, to your profile, pages you manage, and groups as well. Please don’t spam, but share it freely where it is welcome.

Don’t forget to tweet it a few times today as well. And work your mojo on whatever other social media sites you participate in.

The idea here is to get the traffic rolling and get things started. From here, it will spread around. Some posts will do great and get you a bunch of traffic for a while, and others may not. But they may surprise you a few months down the road. The key is to get the ball rolling and spread the word about your revived post. If nothing else, it will make sure that Google quickly indexes the changes. And you might pick up a few new readers along the way.

And speaking of readers… there’s one more thing we want to do.

Step 8 – Add It To Your  Email Funnel

There’s one more step to the process. It’s a bit more content marketing you can do to get your revived blog post the best chance of taking off and getting spread far and wide. It’s also an easy way to stay in touch with your email subscribers and if you monetized the post, make a few bucks right away.

It’s adding the revived blog post to your email funnel. You can do this in a few different ways.

  1. Send a quick email to your list to let them know you’ve updated the blog post. Invite them to click through and read it and ask them to leave you a comment.
  2. If you have an autoresponder set up, consider adding a similar message to it so all your readers, no matter when they sign up for your list, get to see all your messages (and all your essential revived posts).
  3. If you create a weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly newsletter, feature the revived post it in.

Again, the goal here is to spread the word about your content and get the ball rolling. Since everyone has multiple social media accounts these days, every single one of your subscribers has the potential of spreading your post to their circle of influence. And all it takes is the right person to share it for it to get you a fair amount of traffic.

And all those social mentions and links will help with SEO as well for the long run.

Most importantly, though, you want to share it because it is good content your readers will enjoy and find helpful. Your goal should always be to serve your audience and build a closer relationship with them. Only then will you find out how you can best help them, and they will know, like, and trust you enough to spend their money when you make a product recommendation.

Step 9 – Rinse and Repeat

We’ve made it all the way to step 9. If you’ve been following along, reviving a blog post as you were reading through this, you noticed that this wasn’t that hard and not all that much work.

And the good news is that it gets easier. Some of the things like setting up social media buttons are already taken care of, and you don’t have to do them again. Other tasks like finding blog posts to revive you can easily do in batches, and you probably have at least a few more posts picked out at this point that you want to go over and revive.

Creating pretty pinnable and shareable images gets easier with practice. In other words, you’ll get better and faster at this whole process.

And that’s a good thing because the last step is to “rinse and repeat.” Keep going and start reviving old blog posts. Of course, that’s not the only thing you want to do on your blog. Keep writing fresh, new content, and set aside a little time each week to revive an old post or two.

The effort is well worth it since the chances are good that these posts are already getting a fair amount of traffic. By improving and reviving them, expect to see more signups and more sales as a result. And by doing what you can to promote the refreshed content from your end, you will start to see even better results.

I hope you have found this little guide helpful and put it to good use. Keep all the content on your blog fresh, up-to-date, valuable, and profitable by regularly going back and reviving older posts.

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