What Kind of Facebook Page Should I Create for Real Estate

Creating a business page to connect with customers is an increasingly popular way to drive traffic to businesses. In fact, in 2020, over 60 million businesses use a business Facebook page, and over 140 million businesses use Facebook in general to do just that. There’s a reason it’s so popular. Facebook is a quick and

What You Need to Know About Facebook Ads

As a marketer, promotion is a top concern. No matter what your business or brand, getting the word out about your offering is crucial. There are several components to successful advertising, from understanding your target demographic to ensuring this segment sees your campaign. Advertising on Facebook is an option that is well-suited to all sorts

Marketing Real Estate with Facebook

If you sell real estate, you’re really going to enjoy today’s content. I don’t know what the number is, but my guess is that it is REALLY high. I’m talking about the number of people who decide to sell real estate and wash out in a relatively short time. Any type of sales is challenging,

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