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10 Actionable Secrets for Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

Does your website generate leads for you? Do you even have a website separate from your broker's site? Most examples I've seen of real estate agents' daily plans focus the bulk of the day on lead generation. As I'm sure you're aware, that makes perfect sense. Without buyers and sellers, you're out of business. In

Using Facebook Messenger Bots in Your Business

Have you joined the messenger bot family yet? Is there some specific reason why not? What if anytime your business received a question your were able to respond without delay? What if you were able to capture the prospects contact information and add them to your list? As you may well have guessed, I'm asking

5 Best Practices for Lead Tracking

Have you ever bought something you really wanted and then put it on the shelf and forgotten about it? Maybe you found it a month later and you no longer wanted whatever it was. Leads are valuable items that should not be misplaced. Do you have a system for how leads are handled? How they

Making Your Content Work for Lead Gen

Today I'm continuing the conversation around using content marketing to generate leads. For this strategy to work, first and foremost your content needs to be good, but that should really go without saying. So you have good content but nobody sees it. Getting traffic to your content is the obvious second step in the process.

Using Content Marketing to Drive Lead Generation

Do you remember generating lists of prospects and phone numbers and sitting down to dial for dollars? That was probably some of the least productive efforts I ever took part in. Do you remember 100 calls will yield 20 contacts which will yield 5 presentations which will yield 1 sale? Real estate lead generation techniques

5 Things to Know Before Outsourcing Lead Generation

Have you found that you could use an additional 6 to 8 hours in your workday? There are days where my todos just don't all get done and I find myself getting frustrated with it. So is outsourcing a viable alternative for me ... or you? In many cases, the answer is yes. If you

Will Chatbots Replace Humans?

Are you using a chatbot yet? How about this ... how would you like to be able to collect qualified leads from your website or Facebook page 24/7. What if you could spread the word on great new products or events to hundreds - or thousands - of people in your local area with the

Implement These 4 Lead GenerationTactics to Grow Your Revenue

Leaving the relative security of a job for doing your own thing can be a scarry deal. Without the safety of knowing you have your bills covered you can experience stress that keeps you from achieving success in your endeavor. Kimanzi Contable provides excellent suggestions on how one might reduce the possible anxiety by implementing

A Crash Course in Lead Generation

I couldn't believe this story from sfbaytimes.com that lays out an interesting way of measuring lead generation. All of us need to generate leads but it is important to determine which method of your lead generation techniques in real estate are the most effective. thumbnail courtesy of sfbaytimes.com Investing in an effective lead