Pay-per-Click Advertising (PPC)

Pay-per-click advertising is an excellent tool for capturing demand from buyers ready to buy and bringing new customers. It is the quickest and most efficient way to reach your target audience, but it has pros and cons.

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Why Google Google Ads Campaign Management Services Improves Your Ads

Introduction A professional's Google Adwords Management Services will help you get the best results from your Adwords campaigns. Your ad manager understands how to set up campaigns that target the right people and create ads that convert and optimize your spending for maximum ROI. They have access to tools that allow them to spot issues

  • Google Ads for Real Estate

How to Run Google Ads for Real Estate: Tips for Success

Are you using Google Ads in your real estate marketing strategy? If not, you should. This has become one of the most popular online advertising methods for real estate professionals, and for a good reason. If you're looking for real estate ads that work, look no further. Keep reading for a guide full of tips

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An In-Depth Guide to Real Estate PPC

If you're not using digital advertising to market your real estate agency, you're losing clients. Only 28% of home buyers find their dream home using an agent. At 50%, the majority of buyers find the home they purchase online. If you're not using digital advertising to market your real estate agency, you're losing clients.

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Why Use a Specialist to Manage Your Website’s PPC Campaign?

What if there were a way to start generating leads at will? I'm asking because I believe Google AdWords is precisely the right tool to accomplish this. To make sure you understand, I'm not talking about advertising your listings on Google AdWords; I'm talking about generating leads from interested buyers and sellers on demand. You

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How to Use Google AdWords for Real Estate

How much traffic do you get to your Real Estate Website? How much of that traffic is converting into leads? There are five sources of traffic to your website. Social, Direct, Organic, Referral, and Paid, and you should be cultivating each of these sources. Today my focus is on Google AdWords traffic. If you're a

  • Researching Real Estate PPC Keywords

Definitive Guide to Researching Real Estate PPC Keywords

What good is a website with no traffic? It is so exciting when our website goes live and we see it online. The majority of traffic a new website gets is from its owner, friends, and family. But that traffic isn't going to hire you to buy or sell their house, and you need qualified