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8 Local SEO Tips for Real Estate Websites in 2021

The category for real estate is highly competitive in the search engines, so it is of the utmost importance that you rank well in search. To stay competitive and get traffic to your website, you need to appear in one of the top 3 spots for local search. If you run a business in a

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How Does Search Engine Optimization Work?

Several things real estate agents should understand about search engine optimization According to the National Association of Realtors, 93% of potential buyers look to online websites, making this the most popular information source for homebuyers. Coupling this with the fact that 75% of users never scroll beyond the first page of Google search results, it has never

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How to Improve the Local SEO for Your Real Estate Listings

You'll have a much harder time marketing your real estate listings if you don't take advantage of local SEO. Every year in the U.S., more than 5 million homes are sold. If you're a real estate agent, vying for the attention of potential home buyers can seem like a daunting task. There are

SEO ROI Explained: How to Measure the ROI of SEO

It's no secret that the Internet is one of the most useful tools of which business owners can take advantage. It's even possible to run an entire company from your smartphone. You won't get very far, though, if people aren't able to find your business website by themselves. That's where SEO comes in. But, how

Local SEO Case Study | Real Estate Company

How's the traffic to your website? There are five types of website traffic Organic, Paid, Social, Referral, and Direct. SEO addresses Organic Traffic, and that's what I'll be discussing today. Before SEO In October of 2019, we were approached by a Local Real Estate Company that was struggling with their traffic. They wanted to improve

The Website Marketing Pro Provides Leading Local SEO Services for Real Estate Professionals

The Website Marketing Pro, a leading website marketing consultant, is pleased to provide leading local SEO services for real estate professionals. The Website Marketing Pro provides an in-depth approach to SEO backed by years of expertise, to ensure quality results for its clients. Businesses like real estate agencies that focus on local clients will benefit from seeing

Real Estate SEO Best Practices For Newbie Real Estate Agents

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran with a real estate website where your objective is to generate leads today is your day. Because it's not productive to recreate the wheel, I won't go into detail on the contents of the article I'm posting today. Suffice it to say: If you have your own

10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

Today's post heads in a technical vs. marketing direction. Does SEO matter to Real Estate Agent websites? You bet it does! Most of the articles I've featured address the marketing side of the website, today the focus is on the technical side. Here's the deal, if your website doesn't meet the technical requirements, your site

The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Real Estate Agents

Today I'm going to share with you the most comprehensive article I've ever found about real estate website SEO. It wouldn't make sense for me to try to tell you why you need SEO for your website because the article does that very well. One warning, don't try to consume this article all in one

Location, Location, Location: Why You Need SEO to Take Your Real Estate Website to the Top

50% of home buyers find their new homes on the internet. With search engine optimization (SEO), you can appear in front of these buyers while they're searching online.  Otherwise, you're unintentionally missing out on half of your potential clients. That's only one of the reasons why you need SEO! Local SEO services can help you find clients and connect with