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Drive Targeted Real Estate Website Traffic Successfully

Real estate local SEO is rapidly changing. It's becoming increasingly difficult to rank high in the search engines, especially if you're a new player and don't have any authority or brand presence. It's even more challenging if you're trying to rank for a long-tail keyword phrase. Sites like Zillow and Trulia rank for thousands of

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How to Get Real Estate Website Traffic

Where would your site rank if I were to search for "Realtors in Raleigh"? Okay, how about "Realtors in Raleigh Oakwood"? Before you go and check, I'll tell you that "realtors in Raleigh" have 125,000,000 results (competitors) and "realtors in Raleigh oakwood" have 634,000. That's one-half as many competitors. In which market would you prefer

Tips to Drive Natural Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

When deciding to purchase a home, the first activity most people take is to do an internet search for "homes for sale city-state" I know this is not a great revelation but stick with me. The typical search result is,,,, etc. How do you compete with that? Prospects will buy you