My wife and I moved out to a 3-acre farm about three years ago. When I told my sister, she thought I was crazy, but… our daughter and her husband live on the farm across the street. It was at our daughter's suggestion we bought the property. Since my wife and I are “getting older,” our daughter thought it convenient to have us nearby.

There are many reasons baby boomers are leaving their previous homes behind, and this article addresses them quite well; I hope you find it helpful!

baby boomers, 4 Ways to Sell to Baby Boomers and Gain Their Trust4 Ways to Sell to Baby Boomers and Gain Their Trust Earlier this year, The Wall Street Journal pointed out a growing trend in the real estate industry: Baby boomers are on the move. Just a decade ago, this generation was busy building “McMansions” and now they’re trying to […]

As an agent, you’re already used to tailoring your sales approach to different generations with different needs. That said, not every baby boomer is created equal. Younger boomers, those aged 55 to 64, are still largely part of the workforce. As such, their housing needs are much different than those of older boomers, aged 65 to 73, who are now entering retirement. With that in mind, we’ve brought you four strategies you can use to connect with boomers of all ages.

Like it or not, baby boomers have different values, wants and struggles to contend with than the generations of retirees before them. There are even major differences between older and younger boomers themselves. In order to gain their trust as an agent, you need to understand both where they’re coming from and what is important to them.

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