real_estate_agentTo start with, this post is not an endorsement of Proquest Technologies… it’s not meant to dissuade either. It is simply meant to point you to some worthwhile content.

When you are starting as a new Real Estate Agent you are excited about the possibilities of your new career and you should be. Real Estate offers you the opportunity to earn as much money as you are willing to work for.

In this article “10 Critical Strategies for New Real Estate Agents in Any Market” Gary Elwood offers some great suggestions and his article also links to additional content you’ll find valuable.

Just as in any sales career, you will indeed reap what you sow but it’s tough work and to approach it from any other perspective will just not work out well for you.

Hope you find the content valuable!

The President of the United States gets 100 days to prove himself. You get less. A lot less. But like the President, what you do in the early days of your new career will largely determine whether you sink or swim. This is a time of opportunity for you. […]

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