This week’s article offers some of the more technical tools you can use to manage your business and your time. The first tool mentioned, Google Analytics does require some time to learn how to read and absorb all of the information it collects. A tool not mentioned is Google Analytics sister, Google Search Console. Since my focus is primarily on organic vs. paid traffic, Search Console is my tool of choice.

For the get organized product, Evernote is also my tool of choice. I’ve been using Evernote for about five years and still use it almost every day.

There are a few Social Media posting products suggested as well, and some are getting pretty expensive. Still, I do strongly recommend using one interface to post to all of your Social Media platforms. It will save you tons of time.

digital marketing toolsEvery day is different for a real estate agent and staying organized, informed and prepared is essential. It’s important to maintain a strong brand image with an up-to-date website, engaging social presence and powerful listing presentation . Below are some tools and applications that you need to add to […]

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Why do Local Businesses Need Accurate Listings?

  • Customers are relying on the internet more than ever to find local businesses, which is why it’s important that your listings are present and accurate. If your business information is missing or incorrect, it can result in unhappy customers, lost revenue, and a drop in online search rankings.
  • With 81% of consumers performing an online search before making a purchase decision, and a whopping 88% of local, mobile searches resulting in a visit within 24 hours, it’s imperative that you ensure your listings are up to date.
  • The problem is, creating and maintaining these listings everywhere your business is referenced can take countless hours of manual updates. To add further complications, some of these listings could be changed by third parties or competitors without you knowing.
  • That’s where we can help! With a great listing solution, we can ensure that your information across the internet is found, accurate, and protected. By making sure that customers can find you online, you’ll be able to focus on what really matters, growing your business.

What is a Snapshot Report?

Our Snapshot Report is an automated needs assessment report that scans the web for your business’s information, reporting how you stack up in various online directories. The insights provide a place to start the conversation with you by highlighting gaps in your online presence and proposing solutions to address your needs. Get your business’s FREE Snapshot Report today!