real estate farming ideas, Real Estate Farming Ideas to Get You StartedAre you struggling to establish yourself in the local area and not sure what you're doing wrong? Do you seem to be wasting your money on online advertisements, flyers, and brochures with little to no return on investment? Then it may be time to consider real estate farming.

Once you know how to farm real estate, you'll have an easier way to prospect for new leads and establish new working relationships without stretching your marketing budget.

Read on to learn everything you need to know about real estate farming and how you can utilize this strategy to boost your income and brand authority!

What is Real Estate Farming?

Real estate farming is a lead generation strategy that helps forge relationships in local areas. Realtors “farm” in specific geographical areas through carefully tailored marketing copy and imagery that speaks to the people who live there.

The name “farming” comes from the fact that realtors are essentially planting seeds in those areas and nurturing the relationships that come from them to fruition.

In order to be an effective real estate farmer, you need to be willing and able to do the research. Realtors need to know about the demographics of that area and tailor all of their marketing efforts to reach leads.

Realtors also need to craft a marketing strategy and consistently follow it in order to boost their authority and visibility in that area.

How to Find Your Farm

You'll want to choose a location that gives you the most return on investment, but this can be hard if you're a new realtor or don't want to end up limiting yourself. However, you'll find that finding your niche is far more effective than trying to have a broad reach.

For instance, consider the cost of sending out flyers to a neighborhood versus a city. You'll need vastly more funds, and there's no guarantee the copy on those flyers will even interest the majority of people in a city.

On the other hand, focusing on a single neighborhood means you're aware of the major employers, local amenities, and the demographics of many of the people living there. It will cost less to send your flyers, and they'll also be more likely to be read.

1. Close to Home

Choosing a farming area close to your home is the easiest way to get started. This is because you'll be most likely familiar with the area already, cutting down on the amount of research you normally need to do. Living in the area is also a perk for connecting with buyers because they'll know immediately that you're not exaggerating your level of knowledge.

2. Check for Competition

Before you choose your area, it's important that you make sure that there isn't a realtor already established. You'll have a harder time making a name for yourself if another realtor already has a head start of possibly years.

3. Compare Areas

You'll also want to compare a number of different areas and pay attention to the income potential, turnover rate, and the average commission per sale of each home. In order to find the turnover rate, divide the number of homes in the farm area by the number sold in two years. This will give you the percentage.

Real Estate Farming Ideas

Once you know the area you'd like to focus on, you'll need to consistently use real estate farming tools in order to boost your visibility in the area. It's common knowledge that people like to make purchases from brands they already know.

By utilizing the following tactics, you can help keep yourself at the top of people's minds so that when it's time to buy or sell a house, you're their first choice.

1. Door Knocking

Door knocking may seem old-fashioned in our digital age, but it's still just as effective to establish yourself in a new area. People in the neighborhood will be able to associate your personality with the face and name with the business cards or flyers you provide them, making them more likely to hire you or recommend you to friends and family.

2. Direct Mail

Flyers, newsletters, or brochures are still effective methods for leaving a lasting impression. You'll want to send out your mail monthly or a few times a year in order to stay relevant. Make sure you include information that people are interested in along with a clear call to action and your contact information.

3. Social Media Marketing

Of course, you shouldn't discount social media marketing. Facebook and Instagram allow you to create highly targeted ads that ensure only the people in your areas are receiving your ads. You can even specify these ads further by targeting people who are ready to move or who have specific interests, such as going to the beach or dog walking.

4. Email Collection

You don't want to discount the power of people's inboxes. By regularly collecting homeowners' emails, you'll be able to email them your monthly newsletters, updates, or upcoming events. This is a great way to stay at the top of your prospect's mind because many professionals still check their email regularly at least once a day.

Prospecting for New Leads the Smart Way

Real estate farming, when done right, will help you find new, qualified leads in the easiest way possible. After doing your research on the best farming locations as well as the demographics of that area, you'll be able to craft your marketing materials for those specific people. This makes it far more likely that people will engage with you and recommend your services to others.

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