content marketing mistakes, 5 Home Builder Content Marketing Mistakes and How to Avoid ThemAre you aware that 30% of small businesses don't survive after two years? To survive and thrive as a home builder, you must separate yourself from the pack. And you'll need the right content marketing strategy to do the job.

Read on to learn five home builder content marketing mistakes and how to avoid them!

1. Neglecting to Create a Social Media Presence

You shouldn't stop there even if you have a homebuilder website. You'll also want to create a presence on at least two social media platforms, and these are places where you can give your brand more visibility and attract customers to your website.

Aim to post videos of your recent homes and job sites. And include good photos of the latest architectural features you're using in new construction.

2. Rehashing Existing Content

Making regular content posts should be part of your game plan. You'll want to do this on your website's blog and social media platforms multiple times each week. But you want to be sure you're only posting original content.

In other words, don't just cut and paste someone else's insights. For starters, they might have the facts wrong, which will reflect poorly on you. And you'll also be violating copyright laws, which could land you in trouble.

Commit to posting fresh and original content. And when you do post content from another blog, be sure to credit the original author.

3. Ignoring SEO

Don't forget to make SEO, or search engine optimization, part of your content marketing strategy. With it, you'll need to determine the keywords people will type into search engines to find your services. Once you've defined them, embed them into your text to help your site rank higher.

Use SEO in your blog posts, meta description tags, and titles. And keep in mind that you'll need to update keywords regularly since they can change.

4. Not Looking at Data

Yes, starting regular content posts and engaging your audience on social media is wise. But how will you know if your efforts are working? You'll need to look at the data and analytics.

Failing to look at your website or social media data dashboard means you might invest energy and money into unsuccessful strategies. Check to see how many clicks and followers you get from a paid ad campaign to ensure it's working!

5. Forgetting a CTA

A CTA, or call to action, is your content marketing strategy's essential final puzzle piece. Without it, you won't urge your audience to take the next step of making a purchase or scheduling a consultation.

Include buttons that say Buy Now to encourage an easy purchase. Offer links from social media content to your website. Make it as easy as possible for people to become customers.

Avoid Common Content Marketing Mistakes

When you can steer clear of content marketing mistakes, you'll set yourself up for success. Focus on creating original content and posting it online. Use SEO, check your analytics, and keep refining your game plan.

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