custom build marketing, 15 Custom Build Marketing Ideas for New-Home SalesAre you hoping to find new homebuyers? With 13% of the American population moving yearly, you have a market of around 40 million people. But it would help if you had the right custom home builder marketing strategies to capitalize on these prospects.

Stay with us to learn about 15 custom build marketing ideas for new home sales!

1. Craft a Memorable Brand

When it comes to custom home builder marketing strategies, start with a memorable brand. Hire a home builder digital marketing agency to create a logo you can plaster everywhere.

2.  Infuse Your Mission into Everything

You must show how your company’s mission sets you apart from the competition. Repeat words from your mission statement to give your brand credibility and consistency.

3. Build a Website

A good marketing plan for home builders should include a sleek website that’s easy to navigate. Keep load times low and the text readable!

4. Start a Blog

A blog is one of the best marketing strategies for builders. Aim to post at least a few times each week and incorporate links to your services.

5. Create Relevant Content

Relevant content related to new construction will help your website thrive. Share the latest trends in home design or offer how-to tutorials.

6. Integrate SEO

When you use search engine optimization (SEO), you can direct more traffic toward your website. A home builder marketing company can help you find the right keywords.

7. Capitalize on Social Media Marketing

Include a presence on at least two social media platforms as part of a robust home builder digital marketing plan. Keep your style and tone consistent, and engage your viewers.

8. Post Regularly

And when you have the framework for social media pages set up, post daily. Choose midday for the most traffic!

9. Upload Quality Pictures

Make sure you’re taking good pictures that show off your craftsmanship. Include aerial shots and close-ups of unique architectural features on your website.

10. Turn to Video

Take reels and splice together videos that show off the people and projects that make your business stellar. Post them online to personalize what you do!

11. Offer Virtual Tours

Marketing new construction homes can include offering virtual tours of different floorplans. That way, anyone anywhere can access them.

12. Showcase Customer Testimonials

Nothing sells a company as well as positive reviews from customers. Incentivize your happiest customers to give you a shout on social media or search engine review pages.

13. Answer All Questions

When a potential customer poses a question via social media or your website’s contact page, take the time to answer it. You’ll establish yourself as a professional and courteous company.

14. Run Ad Campaigns

Include social media ad campaigns in your home builder advertising strategy. Target the demographics and regions most interested in your homes.

15. Review Data and Analytics

Once those ad campaigns are up and running, review the results. Use built-in data programs in Google and Facebook to see if you’re making strides.

Find the Best Custom Build Marketing Plan

You can win new clients and increase revenue with a complete custom-built marketing strategy. Create a slick website and social media presence. And use SEO, ad campaigns, and quality content to spark interest.

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