home builder marketing, 3 Home Builder Marketing Strategies That WorkThere were 46,000 custom building starts in Q1 of 2022, reports the National Association of Home Builders. This marked a 28% increase from the previous year.

Home builders are in high demand, but the competition is fierce. You need a solid homebuilder marketing strategy to stand out.

If you’re new to marketing for home builders, you might feel lost. Where do you start with your marketing strategy? How do you reach the right audience and boost your leads?

But it’s easier than you think, and our guide can help you.

Read on for three homebuilder marketing tips.

1. Home Builder Marketing on Social Media

Find out where your target audience spends time online. You can build a demographic of your ideal customers, then join the same social media channels.

Specific age groups and professions use certain social media platforms. Older users prefer Facebook, media news enthusiasts use Twitter, and professionals use LinkedIn. Younger users prefer TikTok and Instagram.

Use social media tools like social listening and insights to gain data. These tools let you know what people say about your company and sector online, and you can highlight problems to solve and offer information.

Join groups frequented by your target audience. Post links to your site content and blog posts. This positions you as a reliable source of information, but your content needs to be top quality.

2. SEO Strategies for Home Builders

Search engine optimization (SEO) ensures your audience can find you. With so much competition, you need some SEO tricks to make it to the top.

Years ago, keywords were top of the game. You could match search terms and overuse them to rank in a search engine results page (SERP).

Things have changed, and the SEO algorithms update fast. You must consider writing quality, search intent, backlinks, and multimedia content. Things like bounce rate count, too!

You could hire a home-building marketing agency or consultant to do this. That way, you can focus on your home-building business.

3. Networking and Word of Mouth Marketing

Word of mouth is one of the top custom home-building marketing strategies. Build a network of satisfied customers, then ask a few to write reviews.

Customer relationship management (CRM) tools can help. Home builder CRM marketing lets you track and nurture your customer connections. Save their praise, complaints, needs, and wants, then use them to improve things.

Attend networking events in the home building sector. You can meet leads, potential business partners, and industry experts at these.

Get the Results Your Business Deserves

Home builder marketing is essential in today’s digital world. You need a solid strategy to bring fresh leads to your doors and convert them into customers. This will take time.

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