home builder marketing, 5 Proven Marketing Ideas for Home Builders in 2023About 80% of your business’s leads will never convert into home sales. With a strong homebuilder marketing strategy, you can attract potential buyers to your company and quickly convert those leads into sales by leveraging their existing interests.

Not sure how to market your home builder business this year? Here are five effective homebuilder marketing techniques to try.

Set your business up for success with these tips today!

1. Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand consistency can increase revenue by as much as 20%. Brand consistency means providing consumers with the same experience with your brand, regardless of the channel. Your brand guidelines should include your:

  • Logo
  • Color palette
  • Font styles
  • Imagery styles
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Personality

Keep your branding consistent as you use the rest of these home builder marketing techniques. In time, brand awareness will grow, and it can take over five impressions before a consumer recognizes your brand.

Once brand recognition grows, you can remain at the forefront of the buyer’s mind. When they’re ready to purchase a home, they’ll recall seeing your home builder marketing materials, and they might visit your site directly before contacting you.

2. Update Your Website

The first time a home buyer interacts with your brand is most often online. With that in mind, make sure to upgrade your website this year. Confirm it’s:

  • Fast
  • Secure
  • Mobile optimized
  • User friendly

Improving the user experience on your site can encourage people to explore your content.

Give visitors multiple ways of reaching you, too.

3. Share Quality Photos

Show off your properties by investing in high-quality photography this year. Have a professional photographer capture photos in the proper lighting and angles. They’ll make sure each property shines.

Hiring a professional photographer can benefit the rest of your home marketing strategy. You can make a solid first impression as buyers start reviewing your homes.

4. Use SEM

Search engine marketing (SEM) can help potential buyers find your property online. Two top SEM strategies include search engine optimization (SEO) and paid advertising.

With SEO, you can ensure your web content ranks higher on search engines, allowing you to generate brand awareness and website traffic. SEO is an organic, free marketing strategy.

With paid advertising, you’ll pay as people view or click on your ads.

Consider working with an experienced marketing agency to set your campaigns up for success.

5. Stay Social

Share your content and market your listings using social media. Showcase your best work with video content, including:

  • Brand videos
  • Aerial videos and drone footage
  • Customer testimonials
  • Video walk-throughs/virtual tours

Don’t forget to maintain brand consistency as you start sharing content. As people begin responding to your posts, reply and ensure they know you’re available to help answer their questions.

Upgrade Your Home Builder Marketing Strategy Today

A strong homebuilder marketing strategy can help your business stand out online. You’ll have an easier time attracting buyers, leading to more sales. Start marketing your business using these five easy tips.

Remember, you don’t have to work alone. Partnering with a marketing agency could make all the difference.

Contact our team today to learn how we can help your business grow.