Real Estate Marketing Tips for New HomesNo matter what the real estate market looks like, there will always be buyers. When sellers have more choices in competitive markets, they’ll drive buyers to brand new construction homes. In a buyer’s market, homes are more affordable, which means more buyers will be looking for brand-new houses.

However, your success as a home builder depends on your ability to market your properties and services. Is your home builder marketing strategy giving your company the attention you deserve? Do you have buyers lined up at your door?

If not, it’s time to take a step back and examine your strategy. We’re here to help.

Please keep reading for our top real estate marketing tips for selling new homes.

Website Design and Visibility

The key to digital marketing success lies in your online visibility in every industry. When local homebuyers go online to find properties for sale, are you coming up in their search results? You’re immediately losing leads and potential sales if the answer is no.

Local SEO is fundamental to your brand visibility. The higher you rank on Google, the more website traffic you’ll receive. You can boost your rankings by publishing relevant and engaging articles full of keywords. You should also:

  • Register your site with Google My Business
  • Get backlinks from other websites
  • Work with an SEO agency

An SEO agency can help you refine your home builder marketing strategy. They will help you create content, research effective keywords, write meta descriptions, secure backlinks, etc.

Social Media Marketing

Social media marketing is a crucial component of your online presence and overall success in real estate. Apps like Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram are ideal platforms for showcasing your properties for sale. You can post pictures, videos, and virtual tours to generate hype about your homes and attract buyers.

Use this type of content to gain followers. Supplement your posts with paid ads to reach more people in your community. Encourage people to like, share, and tag their friends.

More than 7 in 10 Americans use social media. Take advantage of the popularity of these apps to grow your brand awareness and sell more homes.

Content Marketing

Finally, one of the most essential home builder marketing tips is to create a bond between you and consumers. The best way to do this is through content marketing.

When you publish articles, posts, and emails, they should contain something of value. The more valuable your content is, the more it will speak to the consumer. As a home builder, you should be creating content designed to help homeowners, buyers, and sellers.

Through valuable and engaging content, you will present yourself as an authority in the industry. More importantly, you’ll begin to build trust and credibility. And, of course, every article you publish on your blog will increase your SEO rankings.

Want to Improve Your Home Builder Marketing?

There’s a lot you can do to increase your brand awareness and credibility in the community. Start by following the home builder marketing tips listed above.

And if you need more help, that’s okay. No one expects you to be an expert home builder and marketer, and that’s what we’re here for; contact us today to schedule a meeting.