Home Builder Marketing Tips, 7 Home Builder Marketing Tips to Build LeadsThe construction industry hit record numbers last year, with healthy growth figures of 8% at a time when other sectors are beginning to see a downturn. So if you’re a home builder, how can you capitalize on this growth?

One answer is to update your marketing approach. Here are our top home builder marketing tips to help secure more leads and regular new customers.

1. Update Your Website

Potential customers seeking a shortlist of reputable home builders will first browse your website. Your web design must look professional and informative.

Invest in a modern look and feel and make sure it works on mobile. Add a page of testimonials, too, so that people can see what other customers have to say about your services.

2. Host a Local Event

Events are a fantastic way for people to get to know about your business, and it’s your opportunity to meet the local community. If you don’t want to host an event, you’ll find plenty of pre-arranged events you can attend.

Look for annual festivals, home or garden shows, and home and building expositions. Make sure you have plenty of printed material to hand out.

3. Social Media

Social media gives you a chance to reach potentially thousands of people, even when you have a limited marketing budget.

Use social media to showcase some of your best work, and try running promotional campaigns now and again. You could present your followers with special offers or even run a competition.

4. PPC Ads

Paying for ads is the answer if you want a quick way to get traffic and build leads into your sales funnel.

PPC advertising is where you only pay when someone clicks on your ad, so it’s cost-effective.

Popular PPC platforms, including Facebook and Google, have various targeting options to run your ad to a particular interest group or location.

5. Email Marketing

Email marketing involves getting people on an email list and running promotions to those email subscribers.

The best way to get someone on an email list is to advertise a freebie.

For example, you could offer a free mini eBook guide on home-building tips. People will need to enter their email addresses in exchange for the freebie, at which point you will have them on your email list.

6. Networking

Why not network with others in your community to help spread the word about your business?

A wise strategy is to network with local realtors who can connect you to people buying and selling a home who are more likely to need a home builder. Another option is to network with local interior designers.

7. SEO

Finally, don’t forget about the power of SEO.

You can create content on your site and target it at keywords that your leads often use when searching Google. Working on your SEO strategy can help bring targeted and regular traffic to your website.

Try These Home Builder Marketing Tips Today

It’s the perfect time for construction companies to grow their customer lead database. Use these homebuilder marketing tips to stay ahead of the competition.

And if you need further support to get the right marketing strategy in place for your business, book a 30-minute call with one of our experts today.