home builder marketing, The Ultimate Home Builder Marketing GuideAbout 80% of new leads interested in homebuilders will never convert into sales. Meanwhile, 96% of people who visit your home builder website aren’t ready to convert. It would help to have a strong marketing strategy to generate leads and sales this year.

Here are a few effective homebuilder marketing techniques to help you get started. With these tips, you can start standing out from competitors online.

Draw more clients to your home builder business with these tips today!

Establish Goals

To make the most of these home builder marketing strategies, begin by outlining your goals. Choose goals that are SMART and concise.

For example, you might want to:

  • Generate brand awareness
  • Improve your website rankings
  • Increase form submissions
  • Boost sales
  • Improve your ROI
  • Establish your credibility

Determine how you’ll accomplish each goal. For example, you can boost your website rankings with search engine optimization (SEO) and pay-per-click (PPC) advertising. You can establish your credibility with thought leadership blog posts.

Establish a deadline for each goal and use KPIs to track your progress. You’ll know it’s time to update your marketing strategy if you’re not accomplishing your goals.

Maintain Brand Consistency

Brand consistency can help more people recognize your home builder business. Your branding includes your:

  • Logo
  • Voice
  • Tone
  • Personality
  • Color palette
  • Font style
  • Imagery style
  • Vision
  • Mission

You establish brand guidelines before using the rest of these homebuilder marketing strategies. Then, keep your branding consistent across all platforms.

Create an Engaging Website

An engaging website can help more people become aware of your home-building business, and it can also help you generate more leads and sales.

Make sure your website is fast, mobile-optimized, and user-friendly. Add a lead magnet to your website to generate fresh leads. Otherwise, make certain visitors have more than one way to reach out.

Share SEO-Optimized Content

About 68% of activities online start with a search engine. SEO can help you appear in front of potential home buyers. SEO can generate website traffic, brand awareness, and leads.

First, determine what search terms your clients use while online. Start creating engaging, helpful content that targets those keywords.

Then, add a call to action to generate leads at the end of each post.

Optimize your Google Business listing and gather reviews to leverage local SEO.

Stay Social

Share your blog content on social media to start engaging your target audience. Consider hosting live Q&A sessions to generate engagement, too.

Let people ask questions about your business and homes. Share eye-catching images to attract their attention as well. Then, direct people to your website to learn more.

Automate Emails

Email marketing can help you nurture the leads you’ve generated through your website. Consider automating an email marketing campaign to save time.

Segment your email lists to create personalized emails. Personalization can help you nurture the relationships you have with your clients.

Home Builder Marketing: Your Guide to Successful Sales

Developing a successful homebuilder marketing strategy can help you easily attract new clients. Get started by using these digital marketing tips. Otherwise, consider hiring an experienced agency this year.

With help, you can boost new home sales to get leagues ahead of the competition!

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