marketing for custom home builders, Marketing for Custom Home Builders: How To Choose the Right ServiceCustom homes make up around 20% of the US home-buying market.

That’s a large chunk of buyers you don’t want to miss. Especially with other home builders vying for their attention too. This is why any good home builder knows that your marketing game needs to be strong to stand out as the best.

But there are a lot of marketing agencies out there, and it’s hard to know how to pick the right one. They need to know how to put you ahead of all the other home builders.

We can help you pick the right one! Keep reading for these tips on how to choose marketing for custom home builders you’ll never regret.

Do They Know the Custom Home Market?

Marketing strategies for home builders are different from the ones for realtors. It’s a different market you’re chasing and a niche one, too, so your marketing agency needs to be familiar with it.

Your agency might get the SEO, email marketing, and paid searches right, but that’s not enough. You need someone who knows the difference between floor plans and elevations. Or inventory and model homes.

So pick an agency that has worked with other home builders before. It’s also a bonus if they’ve participated in industry conferences and shared ideas. That industry knowledge paired with marketing will be a winning combination.

Can They Tell You Their Process and Offer a Starting Point?

Your home-building business is unique, and no one is disputing that. But there are some common factors with your competitors that a great marketer can use, and it will define their framework for a successful home-build marketing plan.

But having a plan doesn’t mean you’re getting an off-the-shelf solution; it’s flexible and will consistently tailor to your needs.

This deeper understanding will help your marketing plan bring in those extra sales. Even if you target a different location or target buyer than someone else they’ve worked with.

Are They Claiming to Be the Ultimate Experts?

Confidence is proper, and arrogance isn’t going to get the job done. It’s too large a field for every marketing agency to be the best in every area.

Make sure you ask them what services they offer and which areas they don’t cover. This should be a red flag if a company claims they’re experts in everything. They might be selling you something they can’t hope to deliver on.

The best home builders’ marketing services will know their weaknesses. They’ll also likely have partnerships and contacts to help give you cover those areas as well.

Do They Measure Campaign Success in a Way You’re Happy With?

There is no way to know if your home builder advertising is performing well unless you track it. You have to keep in sight your end goal which is to sell more homes. But this goal can get lost when agencies don’t feel like they’ll be accountable.

They’ll want to focus on metrics like keyword ranking and web traffic. While these are important metrics to track, they’re not the only ones to focus on.

There is no point in ranking top on Google and doubling web traffic if you’re not selling more homes from it. Make sure you ask them how they will measure the success of campaigns in line with your goals.

Marketing For Custom Home Builders Made Easy

Marketing for custom home builders is no easy game, and it takes industry knowledge and marketing experience to make a winning marketing campaign. So make sure the marketing service you go with has experience working with home builders.

If you’re looking for just that, contact us today. At The Website Marketing Pro, we’re here to tailor a home builder marketing strategy tailored to you.