marketing mythsCan you believe that the United States housing market has doubled in value since the Great Recession and clocked in at almost $7 trillion last year?

To make a name for yourself as a custom home builder, you must avoid the pitfalls of various digital marketing myths. Anytime someone creates a strategy or a whole campaign based on a misleading assumption, they can waste significant resources. It's worth starting your custom home builders marketing right the first time.

Are you wondering what marketing myths you should avoid? Keep reading to learn five myths about digital marketing.

1. My Website Has Enough Traffic

When it comes to marketing for custom home builders, high traffic is excellent, but that alone will never be enough. This is because your strategy should involve turning as much of that traffic into solid revenue as possible.

If people are visiting your website and clicking around for a bit before leaving, that's the opposite of a win. A home builder marketing agency can help you convert this traffic into revenue.

2. The Best Marketing Is Free

While it's possible to do some marketing on your own, it won't amount to much if it isn't fueled by a deep knowledge of SEO and other analytical research. Aside from the depth of the strategies, the marketing itself needs to be as widespread as possible.

These efforts can only come from a reliable homebuilder marketing company.

3. I Have No Time for It

Not having enough marketing time is one of the biggest reasons to invest in a home builder digital marketing agency.

While you run your business, the agency will focus on getting the word out there and generating leads, among other tasks.

4. I Have More Than Enough Leads

Even if you get a regular amount of leads week-to-week, that still isn't enough. A lead is one thing, but a paying customer is another.

Yet another thing a home builder marketing agency can help with is converting leads into revenue.

5. A Website Is Enough

Without new homebuilder marketing, your website may get a few monthly hits, which is about.

Don't forget that a website visit never guarantees that the visitor will become a customer. You'll need a website, an SEO-powered blog, and more if you want results.

Are You Ready to Avoid These Marketing Myths?

Now that you've learned five myths about digital marketing for custom home builders, you can make sure your decisions are based on facts and statistics instead. By avoiding marketing myths, you're sure to reach your growth goals and beyond.

Our team of trained experts can provide you with analytics-driven marketing services for our digital world. From local business listing management and SEO to content marketing and Google ads, we can ensure that your market strategy is as robust and effective as possible.

Feel free to reach out to us so we can start making your brand more widely recognized.