Marketing Strategies, 4 Home Builder Marketing Strategies That WorkThe topsy-turvy housing market is unpredictable for 2023, but one thing is for sure: good marketing strategies will help you succeed. Homebuilders shouldn't leave marketing last on their “to-do” list; a builder marketing strategy is as good as the home you are building.

The marketing strategies to consider are creating a great website and using social media. Street-level signage is also a critical builder strategy.

Here's more on the four marketing strategies that are sure to work.

1. Build a Great Website

Consider your website as your digital storefront. It's your first impression to potential customers around the clock. A recent survey found 57 percent of people will not recommend a website with a bad design.

Your website should have up-to-date information along with contact information. A website builder marketing strategy should also include information about the community, schools, and access to restaurants, shopping, and public transportation.

2. Use Social Media

You must be active on social media, not just have an account. Your home marketing and builder strategy increases your brand and helps you engage with potential customers, and it's also cost-effective for homebuilders.

For example, use daily posts to show new homes' progress in construction. Show each room from start to finish. Educate buyers on why this is the best home for their needs.

Don't just show pictures – use video! Do a walk-through and narrate every step. Remember, it's a sales pitch, so highlight high-end features and show why they are a must-have.

Also, consider ads to boost your sales on social media even further!

3. Street-Level Signage

People walking or driving through the neighborhood will notice your street-level signage. Be sure to include a name and phone number on each sign. Remember, people can take a photo with their phone and contact you later.

Home signage should be clear to read. Make the design visible but eye-catching. Use colors that attract attention.

Signs give immediacy to your building strategy, showing potential clients the process of selling a home is underway.

4. Hire Good Photographers

You can use photographs across all platforms. Websites, social media, and email marketing can all benefit from good pictures. You want photos that show your properties in the best possible way.

A good photographer will ensure photos are well-lit and angled to highlight the best parts of each room. Combined with staging and editing, each image will help your property stand out and help you gain an edge over the competition.

Four Marketing Strategies for Homebuilders

Marketing strategies for homebuilders include building a great website and using social media. It would be best if you also used street-level signage. Good photography can be applied on any platform you choose.

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