Marketing occurs in many forms, but the bottom line is that without any marketing you’re not going to make it. So, when it comes to these two is one better than the other? My opinion is no, I believe you need both and more … in fact the more the better. What is more important than which form of marketing you choose is being really clear on your target audience. Without targeting your marketing you’re just throwing darts with a blindfold on.

Anyway, here’s an opportunity for you to get clear on Inbound vs Outbound Marketing. Raphael Garcia has written a comprehensive article on not only what they are but how they differ and what are the advantages of each. I recommend you read “Inbound Marketing vs. Outbound Marketing: what’s the difference between these marketing techniques?”

inbound marketing vs outbound marketing

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Inbound and outbound marketing are often seen as alternatives to each other, but in reality they are often two sides of the same coin. The techniques used are different, but the goal is the same – to create an appealing message that convinces people to buy your products or services. The disadvantages of each method are also generally covered by the advantages of the other.

Inbound marketing is essentially the process of making it easier for people who are looking for services that you provide to find you rather than your competitors, often through SEO and website optimization. Outbound, on the other hand, is more traditional advertising where you create a message and look for people to tell it to, often through television, radio and newspaper ads.

If you are considering inbound vs outbound marketing you are probably asking the wrong question. You don’t need to pick one over the other – in fact, you should probably be doing both. The right question is what kinds of each type of marketing you should do, and what the breakdown in priorities should be. read more at

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