has come up with a comprehensive resource outlining 11 automated marketing tools that will help you significantly improve your marketing productivity and effectiveness. These tools reduce the need to hire in-house marketers and empower existing marketers regarding their time, effort, cost-effectiveness, etc.

Do you need to implement all of them? Probably not; however, I would recommend giving them your consideration in the areas you are aware that you can use some help, i.e., social media posting; I would recommend giving them your consideration.

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automated marketing toolsAutomation can help your business focus on what matters.

There are always easier ways to gather or process information; people are regularly fine-tuning approaches or building better tools. This is particularly important for marketers who need a good view of how customers and clients are interacting with sites, emails and content, as well as to track leads and see conversions. Read more…


1. Ahrefs
2. Buffer
4. Hootsuite
5. InfusionSoft
6. Intercom
7. Marketo
8. Pardot, integrated with Salesforce CRM
9. PersistIQ
10. Sumo Integration With Klaviyo
11. Tailwind App