It does no good for me to tell you that you need to employ Digital Marketing and then not offer some actionable information. So, yesterday I referred an article to you that discussed the Why of Digital Marketing and today I’m sharing some How.

In our technology driven marketplace there are new ways daily to take advantage of existing tools. The hard part is not chasing shiny objects but implementing ideas that will move the needle.

Today I’m sharing an article by Tina Garg who is the Founder and CEO of Pink Lemonade. Tina recommends “5 Ways to Up Your Digital Marketing Game in 2019”. Each of these ideas is solid and actionable so please, go forth and do great things.

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digital marketing 101There are only a few months to go before we hit 2019 — the perfect time to plan a fresh digital marketing strategy and capitalize on upcoming trends. After all, in a field as dynamic as this, staying ahead makes all the difference in terms of brand visibility and recall. And while certain strategies from 2018 will go strong into the coming year, there are a number of new trends you need to incorporate to see a significant boost in ROI. Here are the top five things you can do to take your strategy from present to future: read more at

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