Is there a difference between selling real estate in Sydney Australia and North Carolina? I don’t think so either. That’s why I recommending this article from Elite Agent – “10 principals (and tools) for agents will make you better at digital marketing” by Samantha McLean who is the Managing Editor at Elite Agent Magazine.

Do you remember the term World Wide Web? Well, it’s true, no matter where you live; Digital Marketing is about engaging and helping people get the information they need.

The basics are you will need a website and you will need to educate yourself in the ways of Digital Marketing Services. But none of this is of any value without traffic so you’ll also need to learn how to attract … (not drive) traffic to your various platforms.

Samantha has done a stellar job of this in the article referenced below; it’s worth your time to read it.

digital marketing servicesI know you get it – how important it is for personal branding, lead generation and staying in touch.

So you know, the what and the why; but what about the ‘how’. At Elite Agent, we’ve road tested many theories and tools (“everything is a test until it’s not”) to build our digital presence from scratch.

Here are 10 principals that as a real estate agent will make you a better marketer.

Your own home on the web – your website – is your most important digital platform to invest in; because just like renting vs owning a home, nobody can change the rules or sell it out from under you. You can make all the changes, renovations and tweaks you like without needing a landlord’s permission. You cannot say the same for your Facebook presence, Instagram following or even your LinkedIn profile. The landlord could change the terms of the lease on you at any moment, and in the case of Facebook they do all the time (and remember Facebook own Instagram!) read more at

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