content marketing, Content Marketing = Better LeadsA must-read story from summarizes that although ranking is important, it’s more important that what your visitor sees when they click is of value.

While you want your website to rank well in Google, you also want to make sure that the traffic coming to your website sees something valuable and meaningful when they get there. Instead of putting all your products or services on one single page, create an individual page for each. On each page, focus specifically on that product or service and create copy that answers questions and helps your potential customer see experience and expertise in your company. Give specific examples of how your product or service helps solve problems for your customers or of the features and benefits it offers. Show pricing options and provide easy and obvious ways people can contact you about that specific product or service. Focused content ideas for each page include: Before and after photos & videos Installation photos & videos Testimonials from satisfied customers Videos demonstrating the product or service Charts or graphs that help to show cost or reliability benefits Look at each product or service page you’re creating and ask yourself if you’ve provided the information most customers need to make a decision. The Marketing Edge – The better your content, the better your leads

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