Are you using a chatbot yet? How about this … how would you like to be able to collect qualified leads from your website or Facebook page 24/7. What if you could spread the word on great new products or events to hundreds – or thousands – of people in your local area with the push of a button. Would that help you grow your business?

Ken Braun, the Founder of Lounge Lizard Worldwide Inc. expands on the benefits of Chatbots and how they might be best implemented in his recent article “Does The Evolution Of Chatbots Include Replacing Humans?”

benefits of chatbots, Will Chatbots Replace Humans?

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As the founder of a web design company, I understand that it's important for our team to stay on top of trends. Because there are many bottom-line benefits to using chatbots, this feature is something we always recommend to our clients when building a new site. Below, we'll dive into some of those benefits, as well as how you can get started with a chatbot for your own brand.

The roots of AI (and thus, chatbots) go back to the '50s with Alan Turing's Turing Test, which tested the ability for a machine to utilize intelligent behavior similar to a human. Advances in chatbot technology moved slowly, and a new breakthrough would come approximately every 10 years — until 2010, when Apple released the iPhone app Siri.

It is much easier to limit chatbots and AI to specific scenarios and options rather than open the door for a negative experience, which could affect the brand or even create security issues. At the same time, the ability for chatbots to handle an unlimited amount of chats simultaneously is a fantastic support tool. But until they develop empathy and human problem-solving skills, they won’t be able to replace us. read more at

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