Today I'm continuing the conversation around using content marketing to generate leads. Your content needs to be good first and foremost for this strategy to work, but that should go without saying.

So you have good content, but nobody sees it. Getting traffic to your content is the obvious second step in the process. If you already have traffic, this is not an issue but … if not, how are you going to attract the visitors you need?

Okay, you have good content and visitors now; you need to convert those visitors into leads.

These are the steps, but for the answer, you'll need to take a look at David Tile's article “How to Make Your Content Work for Lead Gen.” David offers up some solid ideas on how to put his plan into action … enjoy.

lead gen content, Making Your Content Work for Lead GenIn this industry, it’s easy to get caught up in the hype of content generation, volume marketing, and business promotion. And, yes, these are all important facets of today’s online business community, but a crucial feature of the digital marketing process that can occasionally get lost in the shuffle is how you turn all of this work and research into actual, viable lead generation. After all, that is the real goal.

When it comes to sales lead generation techniques, content is king. Obviously, you need to cover timely topics and provide information that gets people to your site, reading your material. But you also need them to read your content and then think, “That was great, it gave me a lot to consider. I need to talk to them directly to find out more about how I should be doing x, y, z.” That is the point where you turn terrific content into real results. With that clear end goal in mind, here are a number of strategies to employ to make your content effective at providing leads:

Of course, as with all marketing and business strategies, balance and collaboration are key. While every area of a digital business has its own focus and knowledge base, there is always going to be overlap, especially with respect to marketing. Soliciting opinions from all sectors of your business ensures you cover a broad base of perspectives. From there your goal is to build a detailed profile of your ideal user, and then model all your content in ways that will most effectively attract and engage them. read more at

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