Lead Magnets For Real Estate

Lead magnets are incentives offered to potential buyers in exchange for their contact information.

Are you a busy real estate agent who wants to grow your customer list? Are you ready to grow your business but unsure how to do that? If so, then you need to focus on lead generation to scale your business today.

The days of growing by word of mouth or attending networking events are behind you. Start looking forward and improving your digital marketing today.

Don’t worry if you don’t know what we’re talking about; we’ve got you covered. Keep reading to learn all about what real estate lead magnets are, how to create great freebies that convert like crazy, and ten examples you can use right away to grow your list.

Lead generation isn’t optional for realtors in today’s market. You must be continually growing your email list of prospects and staying connected with them.

What Is a Lead Magnet?

Getting visitors to your website is great, but if they don’t purchase on their first visit, you likely won’t ever see them again. And if you don’t want to spend money on retargeting ads, you need a way to continue the conversation after each visitor leaves your site.

It isn’t enough to get people to your website, YouTube channel, or follow your Instagram as a realtor. You also need to get their contact information so you can follow up with them.

You can do this with lead magnets.

A lead magnet is a free offer, usually some digital download that your reader wants in exchange for their contact information. And these days, a simple “subscribe now” box isn’t going to cut it anymore.

People are stingy with their email addresses, and their inboxes are overflowing with worthless information. So it would be best if you offered them something of real value that they want badly enough to entrust you with their information.

So, if you’re ready to skyrocket your real estate business and grow your lead generation skills this year, you need to grow your email list. You can increase your email list through strategic digital marketing. This is a fantastic and automatic method to build your business every day, even when you’re on vacation, sleeping, or hanging out with your family.

Key Features of a Great Lead Magnet

Not all lead magnets will convert as well as others. One key strategy is to test several different versions and types to see which ones resonate with your audience the most. Additionally, you will need different lead magnets for the different audiences to which you cater.

As a realtor, you work with buyers, sellers, and investors. Therefore you will need different freebie offers for each of these audiences. And you will want to target these audiences with different weekly email segments.

Many realtors have found that a robust and engaged email list will ensure future business for years to come. A high-converting website is a valuable asset, and this is especially true in your field. To do this, you need a great lead magnet to convert casual website visitors into loyal followers and future clients.

Some of the best lead magnets that convert like crazy include those with these features:

  • Solves a real problem
  • It offers a quick win.
  • It offers something of high value.
  • Is very specific
  • It is available immediately to download
  • It is easy to digest in one sitting.
  • Demonstrates you as an authority in your industry

Remember, above all; you need to offer real value to your potential clients. And you want to stand out from the crowd when it comes to creating your lead magnets.

Now that you know the features you need to include in each of your lead magnets, let’s look at some examples of lead magnets that will grow your prospects list on auto-pilot every day.

10 Amazing Lead Magnet Ideas

Don’t get stuck, creating boring lead magnets offered by every other realtor in your area. Stand out by creating amazing lead magnets that are sure to draw your ideal clients to you automatically every day.

Here are ten fantastic lead magnet examples that convert like crazy for real estate agents across the country. Grow your lead generation with these ideas.

1. List of Homes in (neighborhood) under $$$

This lead magnet will convert like crazy for those who are actively looking for homes in specific neighborhoods on a particular budget. It is straight, forward and offers the exact information they’re looking for in a quick and easily digestible format.

You will need one for each neighborhood you service, and you’ll want to make different downloads for different budgets. But for those people who download this file, you will know they’re a hot prospect that you need to follow up with immediately.

You will be best served to have an automatic email sequence ready to go for this demographic as they are already actively house hunting.

2. 2020 Real Estate Market Analysis for (neighborhood)

This lead magnet will work for both buyers and sellers. Sellers will be curious about the comps in their area. And buyers will be looking for neighborhoods they can trust to go up in value over time.

This is a tried and true lead magnet, and you can’t go wrong with this choice.

3. List of Foreclosed Properties in (neighborhood)

Building a list of local investors can be great for business as a realtor. This lead magnet will ensure that you attract investors in your area and get their contact information.

Again, it would help if you had an automatic nurture sequence automatically sent on a set schedule that will nurture your relationship with each investor who downloads this lead magnet.

You want to establish your authority and cement their trust in your ability to find the best deals. Email marketing is an excellent way to do this and ensure you many sales down the road.

4.  Your Guide to Selling a Home in 2020

When you create a guide like this, you’re attracting sellers pretty far down the sales funnel. These subscribers will be easy to convert and need to be nurtured immediately through an optimized nurture sequence.

Use this lead magnet and follow-up sequence to establish your authority in your area and real estate. This will lead the reader to think of you when they get ready to sell their home this year.

5. Your Guide to Buying a Home in 2020

Again, this lead magnet is all about establishing trust with readers who are ready to buy. Anyone who downloads this freebie is actively prepared to purchase, so don’t let them go cold by not following up with them immediately.

Provide immense value in this buyer’s guide, and you’ll consistently build an email list full of readers who will want to work with you when they’re ready to purchase.

6.  Best Home for Your Family Quiz

Quizzes have always been great lead magnets. People have always loved to take quizzes. And even more, they love to share their results.

So make your quiz something intriguing, and then make the results inspirational and aspirational enough that they can’t wait to share with all their friends. This will not only build your leads but will also create awareness for your brand.

7.  Host an Online Contest

We all love to win free stuff. And online contents are hot in digital marketing these days. Your real estate business can build a robust email list through this popular lead generation method.

Offer an enticing prize and then encourage everyone to share their entry with all their friends. As with the quizzes, this will serve double duty in building your list and increasing brand awareness.

8. Community/Neighborhood Guide

As buyers look in different neighborhoods, they’re curious about what they’re like. These neighborhood guides can be very successful as lead magnets from the demographics to the walk score and from the crime statistics to the school ratings.

Highlight upcoming events and attractions. Be sure to show pictures of regular neighborhood art exhibitions, county fairs, and other local events. This kind of behind-the-scenes information is invaluable to buyers and will help you stand out from the crowd. They’re sure to think of you when they’re ready to buy their next home.

9. “How-to” E-Books or Videos

From “How to stage a home” to “How to increase your curb appeal,” you will find homeowners eager to upgrade and sell their homes.

Additionally, by offering an ebook titled “How to buy foreclosures,” you will attract real estate investors who might buy several homes for you over the years. By increasing your lead generation in these critical demographics, you will steadily grow your business year over year.

Articles and e-books focused on solving a problem in a ‘how-to’ manner in all industries. In the real estate market, you can build a robust library of how-to articles on your website. Then flesh them out into e-books that you can offer for free download at the end of the article.

10. House Hunting Checklist

Two of our key features for lead magnets include easily actionable and easy to digest. A checklist will check the boxes for both of those features that increase conversion to your list. When it comes to lead generation, checklists have withstood the test of time and make a great freebie.

And as a bonus for this lead magnet, when you go offline and meet people in person, it is easy to print out with your contact information at the bottom. Hand it out everywhere you go and share it with anyone looking to purchase a home soon.

These ten ideas are sure to stand out amongst the other uninteresting offers out there. Create something of fantastic value, and you’re sure to build your customer list and grow your business. Don’t try to create all of them at once; you won’t be able to develop enough fantastic offers, and you won’t be able to grow your email list the way you want to.

Instead, choose one idea and grow it until it is converting well. Be sure you have an optimized nurture sequence that can be sent automatically to each new lead. You can then move on to other opt-in offers and continue to grow your client list every day.

Since you want to work with several audiences, you will eventually want at least one great freebie offer for buyers, sellers, and investors. But to start, you need to pick just one and work hard to ensure it is optimized for maximum conversions before creating more lead magnets.

Lead Generation Should Be a Priority to Building Your Real Estate Business Today

You have seen ten amazing lead magnets that have proven track records for great conversion rates. Lead generation has never been easier to automate than in today’s digital age. So hop in the ring and get started with building your email marketing strategy today.

In today’s market, realtors can’t afford to continue with the same boring tactics used to work in the past. So, if you want to grow your business and build a customer list that will help you scale beyond your wildest dreams, then you need to choose one idea from this list and get started today.

To learn more about me and how I came to love the lead generation process, keep reading here. I love to talk about the power of a high-converting lead magnet and would love to continue the conversation with you, so reach out to me today.

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