Does your website generate leads for you? Do you even have a website separate from your broker’s site?

Most examples I’ve seen of real estate agents’ daily plans focus the bulk of the day on lead generation. As I’m sure you’re aware, that makes perfect sense. Without buyers and sellers, you’re out of business.

In my opinion, the absolute best source of real estate leads is your own website. Your own website allows you to focus on your ideal client. One of the “problems” with the web is that everyone is on it. How do you attract the specific people that are your ideal clients?

Why by following EAP’s tip #9 on their recent article “10 Actionable Real Estate Lead Generation Website Secrets,” of course, “Tip #9 – SEO traffic comes to hyper-niche pages.” Now, as you might be able to figure out from the title, there are also nine other tips in this article, but most of them suggest ways to capture leads “after” they’ve come to your website. If qualified traffic never gets to your website, you have nothing.

real estate lead generation websitesLet’s face it:

The majority of the traffic that comes to your website is never coming back. Ever.

You need to capture them, engage them, and most importantly GET THEIR CONTACT INFORMATION on the first time.

Excellent lead generation for real estate starts with popups. These tools can convert over 5% of traffic into leads for your business and are a great way to give value to your visitors.

This type of call to action engages people that visit your website more than a static page. You’ll see a dramatic increase in the percentage of leads you generated from your site if you start using popups.

You’ll need to decide what type of leads you want to capture with these popups. Your options include everything from free value analysis to joining your newsletter. There are tons of options. Simply, pick one and see what percentage of traffic opts-in.

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