It’s not a secret that I’m an advocate of ChatBots. In fact, I’m a provider of ChatBots, so I guess that’s why the article I’m recommending today is “Chatbots and automation: Why are organizations embracing it so rapidly?”. If you’ve not yet adopted this technology, I recommend you consider it. Imagine gathering qualified leads 24 hours a day and 7 days a week … including Thanksgiving ;-).

marketing automation chatbots, Why Organizations Are Embracing Chatbots So RapidlyBecause we’re suddenly talking about it, people seem to think that chatbots are a new phenomenon. But as Avi Ben Ezra, the CTO of the biggest chatbot movement in Israel said: “What is new however, are the capabilities enabled by artificial intelligence – and the social chat apps that makes chatbots so much more attractive, like WeChat, Whatsapp and Messanger. It goes without saying that the ability to select and evaluate these solutions on an open marketplace is not just new, but highly disruptive”.

The latter part of his statement is where multi-channel comes in. These social chat apps are more than just a communication channel – since they can take payments, make bookings and so forth. In fact, as their abilities improve, so does it raise the attractiveness to use them as channels in a business.

Chatbots are no different: Today, there are marketplaces where you can find a chatbot solution for your industry. Buy it and sign up to a good chatbot platform – then simply deploy an off the shelve solution.

Conclusion:Chatbots are embraced rapidly because of AI and a new omni-channel approach to communication. Yes, people fear automation as it will replace many jobs. But with such huge savings – we will also be able to afford re-training. As Bill Gates suggested: We may even tax automation and it will still come out as a winner over manual labour. You should start looking into off the shelve solutions on a chatbot marketplace – play around with it – and never fear change! read more at

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