SEO ROI Explained: How to Measure the ROI of SEO

It's no secret that the Internet is one of the most useful tools of which business owners can take advantage. It's even possible to run an entire company from your smartphone. You won't get very far, though, if people aren't able to find your business website by themselves. That's where SEO comes in. But, how

Real Estate Farming Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Are you struggling to establish yourself in the local area and not sure what you're doing wrong? Do you seem to be wasting your money on online advertisements, flyers, and brochures with little to no return on investment? Then it may be time to consider real estate farming. Once you know how to farm real

A Realtor’s Guide to Conversion Rate Optimization: Everything to Know

Crank up your Conversion Rate Optimization For every 100 visitors to your real estate website, you should expect only one to contact you. That's a reasonably low figure to work with, but the number of regular website visitors you accumulate can be increased with conversion rate optimization (CRO). Learn more about the benefits of

Why Use a Specialist to Manage Your Website’s PPC Campaign?

What if there were a way to start generating leads at-will? I'm asking because I believe Google AdWords is precisely the right tool to use to accomplish this. Now just to make sure you understand I'm not talking about advertising your listings on Google AdWords, I'm talking about generating leads from interested buyers and sellers

8 Effective Real Estate Marketing Ideas You Need to Know

Over 87 percent of home buyers use a real estate agent to find their house. While the market is full of potential clients, it's also full of competition. From thinking outside the box to traditional routes, a real estate agent can never market too much. Do your best to stand out with these real estate

How to Get Real Estate Website Traffic

If I were to search for "Realtors in Raleigh" where would your site rank? Okay, how about "Realtors in Raleigh Oakwood"? Before you go and check, I'll tell you that "realtors in Raleigh" has 125,000,000 results (competitors) and "realtors in Raleigh oakwood" has 634,000. That's one half as many competitors. In which market would you

Tips to Drive Natural Traffic to Your Real Estate Website

When deciding to purchase a home, the first activity most people take is to do an internet search for "homes for sale city-state" I know this is not a great revelation but stick with me. The typical search result is,,,, etc. How do you compete with that? Prospects will buy you

7 Tips for Generating High Quality Traffic to Your Site

Okay, you've done what all the experts have suggested and created a website. Now what? As you've probably come to realize, simply building a website doesn't automatically result in increased sales or instant exposure. The truth is, the hardest part of building an online presence is still ahead of you. But don't be discouraged! Like you,

The Realtor’s Guide to Building Targeted Website Traffic

According to research from NAR Realtor, 98% of people use the internet to search for a new home. However, the same study shows that only 12% of real estate agents are likely to have a blog. This data shows that real estate agents are leaving a treasure trove of lead generation untapped. Along with strategies like

How to Drive Traffic to a Real Estate Website

Is your website just another real estate website? Is there anything on your site that would boost your ranking in the search results? In my area, there are four million five hundred and sixty thousand Realtors in the search results for real estate agents in Hillsborough, NC. Is it even worth having a website with

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