How to Use Google AdWords for Real Estate

How much traffic do you get to your Real Estate Website? How much of that traffic is converting into leads? There are five sources of traffic to your website. Social, Direct, Organic, Referral, and Paid, and you should be cultivating each of these sources. Today my focus is on Google AdWords traffic. If you're a

You’re in the Digital Marketing Business: Making it in the Digital Age

The digital era has revolutionized almost every aspect of life. The way we communicate, shop, get around, navigate, and educate ourselves has all been flipped on its head. And it’s all to do with technology. Indeed, adults in America are known to now spend 11 hours per day looking at a screen! Computers, smartphones, and

Definitive Guide to Researching Real Estate PPC Keywords

What good is a website with no traffic? It is so exciting when our website goes live, and we see it online. The majority of traffic a new website gets is from its owner and their friends and family. But that traffic isn't going to hire you to buy or sell their house. You need

Local SEO Case Study | Real Estate Company

How's the traffic to your website? There are five types of website traffic Organic, Paid, Social, Referral, and Direct. SEO addresses Organic Traffic, and that's what I'll be discussing today. Before SEO In October of 2019, we were approached by a Local Real Estate Company that was struggling with their traffic. They wanted to improve

The Website Marketing Pro Provides Leading Local SEO Services for Real Estate Professionals

The Website Marketing Pro, a leading website marketing consultant, is pleased to provide leading local SEO services for real estate professionals. The Website Marketing Pro provides an in-depth approach to SEO backed by years of expertise, to ensure quality results for its clients. Businesses like real estate agencies that focus on local clients will benefit from seeing

Real Estate SEO Best Practices For Newbie Real Estate Agents

Whether you're a newbie or a seasoned veteran with a real estate website where your objective is to generate leads today is your day. Because it's not productive to recreate the wheel, I won't go into detail on the contents of the article I'm posting today. Suffice it to say: If you have your own

New Low-Cost Entry-Level PPC Program

The Website Marketing Pro, a marketing firm specializing in search engine optimization, local business management, online reputation management, social media marketing, and online advertising, is offering a new low-cost entry-level PPC program, specifically designed to help small and local businesses thrive in the digital environment. FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE Cedar Grove, NC, April 23, 2020 - Paid

Social Media as a Real Estate Lead Funnel

Book after book and article after article proclaim that the real estate agents' most important activity is lead generation. In my opinion, you shouldn't need to be told that it's obvious. Without prospects who are ready willing and able to buy coming into the pipeline, you won't last long in the business. So how do

How to Use Google Maps Marketing to Generate Real Estate Leads

Picture this: You're sitting at home one evening in front of the television enjoying family time, and your 2-year-old says, "Daddy, it's raining in the house." You chuckle, and as you stand to pick her up, a water droplet splashes on the end of your nose. After further investigation, you find that a pipe has burst in

10 Actionable Secrets for Real Estate Lead Generation Websites

Does your website generate leads for you? Do you even have a website separate from your broker's site? Most examples I've seen of real estate agents' daily plans focus the bulk of the day on lead generation. As I'm sure you're aware, that makes perfect sense. Without buyers and sellers, you're out of business. In

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