How to Effectively Use Social Media for Real Estate

How often have you heard "social media doesn't work for me"? Sometimes I bite my tongue, and sometimes I don't. If you're not having success with social media, it's because you're not doing it correctly. There is absolutely no reason that you shouldn't be generating leads from your social media efforts. BTW, that's not just

Sphere of Influence Marketing: The Ultimate Guide

Do you have an SOI? Really? This concept is difficult for me to grasp. I spend the majority of my time in front of a computer screen, and most of my interactions with others are on LinkedIn. But, I'm not a Real Estate Agent, I'm a Marketing professional, and we don't always think the same.

6 Ways to Generate ListingsWith Digital Marketing (Fast!)

Choosing to become a licensed realtor can be one of the best career choices of your life. Essentially, you get to be your own boss, set your own schedule, and you are directly in control of your earnings. However, this requires a lot of internal motivation no short supply of work ethic. You will be

Real Estate Marketing: Templates+ Examples to Win in 2020

On January 15th, I posted an article titled "5 Elements Every Successful Real Estate Marketing Plan Should Include" reminding you that the new year was here, and it was time to create your marketing plan for 2020. As we close in on the end of the first quarter, I'm here to remind you once again

10 Local SEO Tips to Improve Your Real Estate Websites

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Today's post heads in a technical vs. marketing direction. Does SEO matter to Real Estate Agent websites? You bet it does! Most of the articles I've featured address the marketing side of the website, today the focus is on the technical side. Here's the deal, if your website doesn't meet the technical requirements, your site

The Ultimate Guide to SEO for Real Estate Agents

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Today I'm going to share with you the most comprehensive article I've ever found about real estate website SEO. It wouldn't make sense for me to try to tell you why you need SEO for your website because the article does that very well. One warning, don't try to consume this article all in one

5 Amazing Instagram Marketing Tips For Your Real Estate Business

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Did you know that according to Recode, people spend an average of 53 minutes a day on Instagram? If you’re not using Instagram now, this is a big indicator that you need to - engaging with potential leads during the hour that they’re browsing not only puts you at the top of their mind but

How to Create a Facebook Page forReal Estate Marketing & Farming

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I can't tell you how often I'm asked for help with an agent's social marketing strategy. Since my advice is the same 98.6% of the time, I thought I'd share it here and then point to this post when the question arises. For those of you who believe you can offer your services at a

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