How much traffic do you get to your Real Estate Website? How much of that traffic is converting into leads?

There are five sources of traffic to your website. Social, Direct, Organic, Referral, and Paid, and you should be cultivating each of these sources.

Today my focus is on Google AdWords traffic. If you're a do it yourself type this article is made to order for you.

adwords for real estate, How to Use Google AdWords for Real EstateWhile Adwords can seem time-consuming and require financial investment, it doesn’t have to rob your bank account. You pay per click and the good news is, if no one clicks on your ad or you don’t get many clicks, you won’t have to pay much at all. That’s a big kudos; Google makes sure that if your marketing campaign is not successful enough you don’t waste your money.

The most important thing in Adwords are keywords. Adwords is all about Keywords. You need to do your homework and find out what your customers are searching for, what are the popular terms and popular words. Note to remember, the more popular the keyword is, the more money it will cost.

Although, if you choose to use more specific keywords instead of broad ones, it will cost you less but also might generate fewer leads. People more experienced with Adwords claim that in order to optimize your Adwords work, you need to take into account the following tips:

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