What good is a website with no traffic?

It is so exciting when our website goes live and we see it online. The majority of traffic a new website gets is from its owner, friends, and family.

But that traffic isn't going to hire you to buy or sell their house, and you need qualified traffic ready to do business with you. And now the bad news, it's not easy to attract this traffic to your site.

So you just invested in a website, but getting a return on that investment will take more of an investment.

Far and away, the best and easiest way to start getting qualified traffic to your website is to buy it, but you need to make money back on your traffic investment.

The article I'm highlighting today, “Definitive Guide to Researching Real Estate PPC Keywords” is a great starting point. Once you learn from your paid traffic campaign what keywords are working for you, you can then make sure that you optimize your web pages for those keywords to offset the cost of advertising with organic traffic.

real estate ppc keywords, Definitive Guide to Researching Real Estate PPC KeywordsKeywords research is one of the most important components of a real estate Google Ads (PPC) campaign. The success of your Pay-per-Click (PPC) campaign will mostly rely on how efficiently you target profitable keywords. And by profitable keywords, I definitely don’t mean you limit yourself to keywords such as […]

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