real estate holiday marketing ideas, Top Real Estate Holiday Marketing IdeasStaying in the thoughts of home buyers before and during holidays can be a challenge for any realtor. Many clients have their attention on planning for the festive season.

There are several top real estate holiday marketing ideas you can use to stay in your clients’ minds. Keep reading to find out what they are.

Leverage Community Events

The holiday season is a perfect chance to connect with your community. You can be a part sponsor or volunteer to give your business some extra limelight. Locals are more likely to pay attention to you if you invest in their community.

Think about hosting a Christmas dinner for the elderly in your community. Or you could sponsor a youth concert to create awareness about a safe or drug-free community. Your participation can boost your image and increase local attention to your brand.

Take Part in Charity or Community Service

The holiday season is a giving season and is the perfect time to show how much you care for locals. Ask yourself what cause you can join to make your community a better place. You could feed the homeless or donate essential items to an orphanage. The community will appreciate and remember your generosity.

Holiday Social Media Marketing Campaigns

Social media marketing to boost brand awareness is one of the most powerful holiday real estate marketing ideas. More people are on social media during holidays to bond with friends.

Use social media to connect with potential customers by sharing your experiences. Share heartfelt stories to get your followers in a joyful and fun mood. Use photos, mini-blogs, captions, and memes to get your audience into a holiday spirit.

Leverage trendy holiday dates to drive engagement on social media. Taking advantage of holiday-related hashtags can increase your visibility. Create a social media holiday calendar to ensure you’re not skipping any trendy dates. Be sure your images and content reflect the holiday mood for the best results.

There is a possibility you could be too tied up during the holidays to focus on social media marketing. This is the best time to engage your audience, so make sure you don’t miss out.

Host Contests and Giveaways to Boost Awareness

An excellent way for any realtor to stay top of their audience’s mind during holidays is by hosting contests and giveaways. Contests have a 3.7% higher conversion rate than many holiday real estate marketing ideas. One giveaway or contest can help you reach a larger audience than running a social media campaign.

These two tactics can encourage social sharing and give you immense visibility. Run a contest where your fans stand a chance to win a holiday shopping shopper. In return, users can share their posts or submit user-generated content.

Contest campaigns can quickly spread the word during holidays and boost brand awareness. You can convert participation and winning submissions into a publicity tool.

Send Festive Newsletters

One thing that you must do during the holidays is to stay in touch with your audience. Your audience expects some contact or offers during the festivals. Share newsletters to update your clientele and sustain engagements.

Newsletters can help you build relationships with your audience. You can educate and entertain your audience with email newsletters during these holidays.

Some people might be unsure about what to do during the holidays so that you can share holiday tips and guides. Give them holiday ideas like decorating guides or vacation venues. Provide value and, if possible, add a section to cover the post-holiday real estate market.

Offering your fans great advice will help you build trust and cheer up your audience. It can also help sustain brand awareness and maintain relationships with your clients. Engaging your audience is the best way to keep them interested in your services.

Reward Your Agents and Loyal Clients

Many clients and agents may come and go. But there’s always a small group that chooses to remain loyal and help you grow your business. This group deserves some recognition for their unbent commitment and sustained support.

Holidays create the perfect mood for appreciating your fans and agents. It’s a sharing season, and it would be best if you remember your loyal servants. Make your best agents and clients feel valued and empowered.

Think about sending them a personalized note to make them feel unique. Some air tickets to their favorite holiday destination can turn them into your ambassadors.

You could also invite your loyal clients or agents to your holiday events. This is a great way to reward their loyalty and reinforce the relationship.

Think Ahead and Check SEO Functioning

The holidays roll in quickly, and soon things will get back to normal. SEO is one of the strategies you’ll want to keep up with during and after holidays.

Local SEO is a powerful weapon for realtors. It’s your best bet to become visible in the community and get your listings viewed. Getting your business to the first page of Google is a sure-fire way to increase traffic and make more sales.

Use your downtime for auditing your site for SEO. Track links and errors to ensure your website is ready for search engines. Refresh or update any low-ranking content to improve your site’s SEO performance.

Beyond that, update all calls to action to ensure you’re capturing most of your leads. Replace weak CTA’s with strong ones to boost conversions.

Try Some of the Top Real Estate Marketing Ideas

Holiday time is genuinely the most beautiful time of the year─ and this can go for your real estate business as well. Improve lead generation with these practical, actionable real estate holiday marketing ideas. Equip yourself with marketing ideas that can help solidify your relationship with customers.

Do you need help getting started with a solid holiday social media marketing strategy? Visit here for extra help crafting holiday campaigns that help you generate more traffic.