real estate promotions, Real Estate Promotions: Ten Winning StrategiesThe Internet is full of tactics to help you promote your real estate business, but most of these suggestions are generic content. The truth is that all businesses are unique, so no article can address every aspect of marketing a particular business. Here are ten great strategies!

Strategy #1: Write or Post Content Online

There is a lot you can do to promote your real estate business online. Having content and using the power of social media are just two ways to get your information in front of more people every day. Start by creating an online presence. That means a website, blog, and social media accounts that represent you. Content is the best approach to attract the right people. It’s expected that business owners or someone on their staff will spend up to 80% of their time on content marketing.

Strategy #2: Call Past Clients and Hunt Down Referrals

Ask yourself, how well are your marketing efforts positioned to get you a referral? How often is someone going to refer you at the perfect time for you?  Too many real estate agents simply ask their customers for referrals and don’t make the most of their opportunities.

Whether you ask for it directly or you’re just trying to get clients to find your business, the best real estate promotion ideas are going to come from referrals. You probably already know this, but it’s worth repeating.

Strategy #3: Explore New Target Markets

Are you trying to reach new markets? Here's a tried and true tactic that will work for you. Pick a place you've successfully targeted in the past – but haven't been to for over a year. Then go there. This is a powerful technique because it forces you to re-explore an old market on a local level, which means it'll feel like new territory again. It also allows you to learn from the mistakes/successes of your previous experience there better than if you worked on an already mapped-out plan.

I guess that you’ll find something interesting. The point is to spend time in places where you wouldn’t normally spend time. It doesn’t even have to be a different market (like starting with “new locations,” which might threaten your existing habits and lifestyle). It could just be new stuff in a location – like going to the same coffee shop every day for eight weeks but ordering green tea instead of a latte.

Strategy #4: Drop-Bys

I’m a big fan of giving gifts. I find them a great way to surprise people and get some face time with the people to whom you would like to speak. And there is no better group of people to give gifts than past clients and potential clients.

We’ve all heard that relationships are an essential aspect of any business. Not only does it provide a fertile field for recruiting, but it can also give you an endless supply of referrals and future clients. One of the best ways to build relationships (and, by default, attract clients) is to create memorable experiences through tiny gestures.

Strategy #5: Get Out of The Office and Do Something

Let’s face it: sometimes you just can’t seem to come up with new ideas. It looks like they just aren’t there, and the idea well has dried up for now. Instead of beating your head against the wall over what else you could be doing to improve your business, there is a simple way to get moving forward again: get out of the office.

A lot of people are afraid to leave the office when you have a business to run. However, there are so many reasons why your business needs to start doing marketing from the café down the street.

Strategy #6: Reach Out to Educators

I know it sounds crazy, but it works. Just reach out to local educators in your area and offer to do a talk on careers. You don’t have to do the talk at school; you can do it at a nearby coffee shop or something like that. Teachers reach parents all the time with their kids (or a group of kids) attached to their hip. Why not contact the teachers instead? The talk you do for them will be just as valuable (if not more helpful) than the talks they do for their kids.

Strategy #7: Contact Local Business Owners

Here is an example: I had a local baker come to me. She sells cakes and cupcakes. She wanted to find new customers but had spent hundreds of dollars on Google advertising without any results. We worked out co-marketing together — I would put her flyer in my newsletter, and she would include my newsletter in each of her online and print ads.

This is a great way to partner up with someone who faces the same problems as you. Find other small businesses in your local area that want to grow their business but can’t do it independently.

Another idea would be to go to places like Chamber of Commerce meetings and get so good that the other attendees invite you to speak. You can put together a presentation on how to be successful in your particular niche.

Strategy #8: Sit On a Board

If you want to start getting your name out there, volunteer to sit on a local board. It doesn’t matter what type of board – it could be a school board, a community center, or even the chamber of commerce – any board will do. The area you want to focus on is in the business sector, where you can look for leadership roles. Suppose you are a member of the chamber of commerce or belong to the local area business and trade groups. In that case, these organizations are likely having trouble filling certain seats on their board of directors.

Strategy #9: Reach Out to An Agent Working Elsewhere

I recently did this, reaching out to a top agent in another city. I asked that I be able to see their business as if I would have new clients in that area. There are several reasons why agents working in other markets (one or two cities removed) can be precious resources. Let them know you are reaching out to learn more about the overall real estate market in their area. You have never operated there before and are looking for someone who can help give you tips on making an impact.

Strategy #10: Recharge Your Batteries

Real estate is filled with critical knowledge that you need to acquire to be successful. Many other resources such as blogs, books, and seminars will teach you skills and techniques to improve your business outlook. But don’t forget about yourself. After all, this crazy thing called real estate is about the people at the end of the day. So take a break! You deserve it.

Enjoy great company, make sure to spend time with your family, go to the beach or just get away from the business. Do something that you love and give your mind a rest. The Sooner you take one of these breaks, the better energy you’ll have in your day-to-day job.


Do you agree with our list of real estate promotion ideas? What did we miss, in your opinion? Are there any other strategies you think should have been on here that weren’t? If you feel we missed any important one and want to let us know about it, please leave a comment below with your real estate promotion ideas!

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