real estate quizzes for lead generation, Using Real Estate Quizzes for Lead GenerationWe live in a digital world, and when people are looking to buy a house, they almost always start their search online. In fact, the typical buyer these days uses their mobile device to look for properties.

The single best source for generating high-quality leads is now social media. This means that for you to have the most successful business possible, digital marketing is essential.

Creating real estate quizzes can help to attract strong engagement from your audience. They can also help to increase brand awareness and market you as an authority in your field.

Are you wondering how to use quizzes to attract leads? Let’s take a deep dive into what you need to know.

Interactive Quizzes: Proven Generators of Traffic

You’ve probably found yourself on BuzzFeed before, filling out a quiz to find out the answer to some silly question like “If you were a tree, what kind of tree would you be?”

Quizzes on BuzzFeed can attract between 300,000 and 10 million views. While this is a massive website with a huge reach, the attractiveness of this type of content can be utilized by much smaller companies.

There is some straightforward rationale for real estate agents to use quizzes for lead generation. People are drawn to quizzes, so much so that they are happy to give their contact information to participate. On top of that, they help build your brand as an authority in your field and your area.

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This is a great strategy for real estate agents who are still working to build their online presence. People love to share quizzes on social media, meaning that your quiz and site can get in front of as many people as possible.

At this point, only the savviest real estate experts are using quizzes. This means that adding quizzes to your site can be a great way to set yourself apart from the competition.

How Do Real Estate Quizzes Attract Leads?

While having quizzes on your website can help increase traffic, that doesn’t always mean you get more leads. What you can do, though, is require the person taking the quiz to enter their contact information (specifically their email address) if they want to see their quiz results.

If your quiz is well made and doesn’t come off as a giant sales pitch, people won’t mind giving up their email address. This can help you build your email list and enhance your return on investment for your email marketing campaigns.

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Quizzes that are well-crafted can also help you grow in a targeted way. This means that the leads you generated are in your target demographic and are more open to receiving your messages.

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What Are the Best Kind of Quizzes For Lead Attraction?

Before you start writing your quizzes, you’ll want to think about who your target demographic is. Maybe you are looking to reach first-time homebuyers in the Greater Austin area. To reach them, you can create a relevant and interesting quiz for them and deliver value.

For example, you could create a quiz entitled “Answer These 15 Questions to Learn Where in Austin Your First Home Should Be.” The questions can then help identify the lifestyle, priorities, and future goals and how that relates to neighborhoods in Austin.

Then, they can receive the results once they’ve completed the web form. These results offer insights that are valuable to them in their search for a home. At this point, you can begin sending targeted information to these leads and eventually convert them into clients.

You’ll also want to consider your goals, which will help determine what type of quiz you make. Let’s take a look at four different types of real estate quizzes that might benefit your brand.

Lead Generation Quizzes

Did you know that one of the most-read stories on the New York Times website isn’t an article, but it’s actually a quiz? People love to take quizzes, and it shows in the stats and generated traffic.

You can create lead-generating quizzes for both buyers and sellers. You can help people determine what their dream home would look like or test their knowledge on the desirability of a particular home and whether it will sell.

Lead generation quizzes are essentially personality quizzes. This can offer you a wealth of information regarding your audience and what they’re looking for.

Brand Awareness Quizzes

Quizzes don’t just have to be for lead generation. They can also help to build brand awareness.

These quizzes should be designed around a theme that aligns with your brand message or core values. These might be quizzes in the form of trivia, knowledge, personality, checklist, or polls quizzes.

This type of quiz helps to elevate you to the level of authority. You can also passively insert elements of your brand, keep your marketing consistent, and help build awareness.

What Will Happen Next Quizzes

This type of quiz can help people determine how much they know (or don’t know) about real estate. Asking questions about a particular market relevant to your niche aims to ask users their predictions on what will happen next.

These can be used to test whether people need a real estate agent, whether they’re ready to buy or sell property, and much more.

With this quiz form, it’s both valuable to the user and you. In the end, you can gather valuable data about how your ideal client thinks and what they need.

Educational Quizzes

Educational quizzes are similar to knowledge quizzes. However, the difference is that they get feedback after each question rather than getting a grade at the end.

This is a great way to position yourself as an authority who has the answers to questions people want to know.

You might consider creating quizzes about the current state of the market. This can help people learn about the real estate climate while deciding whether to buy or sell. These days, people might be intimidated by the strong seller’s market, and the quiz can help them learn and point them to an authority (you!) who can help guide them through the process.

How Do You Create Quizzes to Get Real Estate Leads?

There are several steps to creating effective online quizzes. Let’s take a look at each one in detail.

Choose a Goal

Before you get started, you are going to need to determine the purpose of your quiz. This can help you to focus on your target audience and the specific needs that they have. If you do not have specific goals, you are less likely to reach the people you want or expand your overall reach.

Is your goal to generate new real estate leads? If that’s the case, creating a quiz that encourages your current audience to share with others might be the right choice.

On the other hand, a quiz to develop brand awareness should focus on an idea aligned with your brand personality and message.

It is good to start with one objective and then precisely fit your quiz to fit the objective.

Align Your Goal to Your Marketplace

Once you have determined your goal, you want to make sure that it aligns with your market. You can use tools like Facebook Audience Insights to learn more about your current audience. This is a free marketing tool you can use to learn about your audience’s demographics, lifestyle, interests, and hobbies.

You’ll also learn how frequently your audience clicks on ads, what types of devices they use, and what posts they end to like. This is valuable information that can help you understand your audience better. With this information, you can get a clearer sense of who your “ideal client” is.

Brainstorm and Come Up With Your Quiz Questions

Now it’s time to start brainstorming a list of questions for your audience. Remember, there are no stupid ideas in brainstorming. Come up with as many questions as you can think of, and then create a scoring system from 1 to 10.

You can then rank these questions based on whether they are entertaining to your ideal client, educational to them, and informative.

Once you have graded your questions, you can select those that had the highest score.

Brand Your Interactive Quiz

The first rule of branding in real estate is consistency. Without consistency, it’s hard for your audience to recognize or remember you.

When you take the time to create well-branded content, you can capture clients’ attention in the long run. This means using the same style, tone, and colors for all of your social content and on your website. This helps to create a sense of familiarity and trust with your audience.

When you’re creating your quest, you’ll want to keep a copy of your brand guidelines nearby. This way, you can be sure to maintain the integrity of your brand personality.

You also want to customize your landing page, images, call to action, or other messaging to reflect your brand’s voice.

Promote Your Interactive Quiz

It’s important to remember that not all social media channels are the same. You will therefore want to craft different captions to create excitement and buzz around your quiz.

One thing you can do is create a dedicated hashtag for your quiz. You can also encourage people to share their results using the hashtag. You’ll want to make sure that this hashtag is relevant to the ideal client you dreamed up. It’s fine to be punny or funny in this type of circumstance.

You’ll want to make sure that the hashtag you choose isn’t too popular and is specific to your campaign. Otherwise, it’ll get lost in the shuffle amidst higher-level posts.

Is It Time For You to Grow Your Real Estate Business?

The playing field has radically changed in the last decade or so. While buying real estate used to mean looking in the newspaper or physically visiting a real estate agency, it now means hopping online.

If you want to generate high-quality leads from your target audience, the place to do so is on the internet. You can do this through a combination of marketing tactics and campaigns. Content marketing is an important component of digital marketing, and creating real estate quizzes is a must if you want to stand out from your competition.

When you create real estate quizzes, you set yourself up as an authority, spread brand awareness, and offer something valuable to your audience. At the same time, you’re going to attract leads who fit your profile for the ideal client.

One of the best things about quizzes is that they’re highly shareable. This means that you can increase your reach exponentially by creating a quiz and posting it on your different social media channels.

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