Real Estate Marketing to Seniors, Benefits of Real Estate Marketing to SeniorsDespite a global pandemic, the real estate market continues to boom in the United States. Thanks to historically low mortgage rates, buyers with means snap up homes at a rapid clip.

Yes, it's a seller's market out there. You may want to get in on the action and become a real estate agent. You fantasize about fat commission checks.

Like many other people, 2020 made you ready for a career change. Why wait any longer?

If you're going to sell real estate, there are many profitable reasons you should become a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Read on to learn more.

So You Want a Real Estate Career

Career change is on the mind of so many people these days. If you worked in the hospitality industry, you might be 10 months into a period of unsteady or no work.

Wondering what your next step is, you consider selling real estate. Yet, you're not sure how to work in real estate. If you want real estate jobs, you'll have to go back to school.

All states require some form of prelicensing classes. You can enroll in live or online classes. Once you complete these courses, you must take and pass the licensing exam.

After passing, you must gain the sponsorship of a broker. Once you obtain broker sponsorship, you can begin your career in real estate sales. No matter what specialty you chose, you must complete all these steps.

Benefits of Working in Real Estate

Those commission checks are the reason you're thinking about careers in real estate. Yes, you can make lots of money in real estate. Aside from money, there are many other great benefits to real estate sales.


When you're a real estate agent, you get to determine when and how you work. It's hard enough to manage a career and a family under normal circumstances. Current school shutdowns and virtual learning make flexibility an even better benefit.

You decide when and how you meet with clients and how much work you take on. While you won't work any less to be successful, you have domain over the hours you keep.

You Control Your Fate

Your success in real estate depends on you. You control your sales methods. You control your marketing strategy.

For some, this could be disastrous. Some need rigid deadlines and hours. It's helpful in a real-estate career to set your own deadlines and keep them.

If you're a disciplined self-starter, this could be a serious benefit. You get to be your own boss.

Grow as Big as You Want

Some people aren't interested in a full-time real estate job for many reasons. The market fluctuates too much. Working for a commission can be unsteady.

You can go weeks or months without a sale. That being said, if you find sales success, you can transition from a side-hustle to a full-time job and expand your business as much as you'd like.

Aside from market forces, the only thing limiting you in real estate is yourself.

You Work in a People Business

If you consider yourself a people person, there are few better jobs for you than real estate. The personal touch goes a long way in any sales job. With so much commission on the line, the better you are with people, the more money you make.

If you're looking to transition from a service industry job or another sales job, the personal nature of real estate makes an ideal landing spot. You'll bank on your social skills to build a client base and drive sales.

Benefits of Real Estate Marketing to Seniors

A Seniors Real Estate Specialist or SRES is a special designation earned by real estate agents. To become an SRES, you must complete a specialized 12-hour course designed to educate you about the senior market.

Once you receive the official SRES Designation, you'll pay a $99 membership fee to the SRES Council each year.

The question is, why does it benefit you to become a specialist and a council member?

Baby Boomers are a Huge Market

The Baby Boomers, the generation born between 1946 and 1964, are retiring in rapid numbers. This large market now looks to sell their homes and downsize to smaller homes or retirement communities.

This generation of retirees has more expendable income than any generation that retired before, and they're willing to spend. Specializing in real estate sales for seniors means you get to tap the market while it's hot.

Specialized Marketing

It's hard enough to make sales as it is. It helps to have a focus. When you become an SRES, you can focus your efforts on one demographic.

This can benefit your business by giving you a streamlined, focused marketing effort. Sometimes it is best to narrow your scope to grow your client base and income.

Increased Resources

SRES members have access to all Council marketing resources. This means you gain marketing wisdom from style guides, proven social media strategies, and newsletters.

You can turn your real estate side job into a senior's real estate empire with these increased resources.

Your Name in the Member Directory

The SRES Member Directory is a valuable resource for your real estate career. Placement in this directory means hundreds of eyes searching for a specialized agent will see your name.

You can get great referrals from other agents who don't specialize in seniors real estate with this.

Get More Sales With an SRES Designation

You've decided to join the fast-paced world of real estate. You've passed the exam, found a broker, and are on your way to serious commissions. Or you hope so.

Give your new career a focus by becoming a Seniors Real Estate Specialist. Exploiting the great opportunities of this market can take your business over the top.

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