Are you using heading tags when you compose an article? If you’re not, you are missing out on using an important Google ranking signal

How Google uses Heading Tags

Google uses two primary factors in determining how to rank your webpage. The first is relevance and the second is authority these factors are often referred to as on page optimization and off page optimization respectively.

Implementing Heading Tags

So, your next question might be how the heading tags help us to improve relevancy. Do you remember when you were in high school or college how you were taught to produce an outline to help you think through the article before you wrote a paper? The Heading tags you use in creating a web page are the same as the heading tags you used when creating an outline. You’ll create a title and then a primary heading and then below the primary heading you create subheadings.

Google uses the content of these headings or H tags to determine how relevant your content is. It helps them to understand what your content is about.

Each of your pages will only have one title and one H1 or primary heading but can have multiple H2’s and each H2 can have multiple H3’s, each H3 can have multiple H4’s, and so on.


By using this suggested format you’ll go a long way towards helping Google to understand the purpose of your content and its relevance and the more relevant they think you are the better your page will rank.

Please read the articles below to get more information on how heading tags can help you improve your rankings.

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How to Optimize Your H1 and H2 Tags

Learn how to optimize your H1 and H2 tags to better help search engines understand your site. Test your site for free at

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