Let’s consider the distinction between Local SEO and National SEO? There’s a BIG difference so you should understand what has to be done to your web sites when you’re an area brick and mortar or local service versus someone selling a service or product to everyone.

With the introduction of the mobile first index it’s getting harder and harder to rank within the search and map results for businesses outside the local centroid. Let’s imagine you’re a plumber in Durham, NC and you are prepared to service customers inside of a 25-mile radius from your location. Well it is entirely likely that in this 25-mile radius there are 10 or more postal codes. If I’m on the Eastern side of this area I will receive entirely different results from someone looking for a plumber on the Western side of this area. Your pool of prospects is shrinking as Google provides more local results in mobile searchers.

So, what now? Greg Sterling, a Contributing Editor at Search Engine Land offers “Moz ‘State of Local’ report shows confusion, fragmentation in local SEO efforts” as an informative source of information on what others are working with the changes. This really is solid information you will want to know to compete in the search engine results today.

https://searchengineland.com/moz-state-of-local-report-shows-confusion-fragmentation-in-local-seo-efforts-308714On the heels of its Local Ranking Factors survey, Moz has released a “State of Local SEO” report. The findings are based on the responses of roughly 1,400 local marketers, segmented by marketer type (agency vs. in-house) and company size.

Confusion and fragmentation of effort. The report contains a lot of interesting findings about marketers’ local SEO knowledge and practices. In general, however, the report conveys a sense of fragmentation and a high degree of confusion among those pursuing local SEO.

Separate from its formal local search rankings study cited above, the survey asked this population about what factors influenced local search rankings. Proximity was cited as the top factor by 32 percent. However, the next highest response said there was no top ranking factor and 11 percent didn’t understand the question.

Local search is not a niche phenomenon, it’s nearly a universal concern. Indeed, unless you sell exclusively online, all brands, retailers and service providers need to focus more effort and energy on showing up for local queries — especially in a mobile context.

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