Today, I will share with you the most comprehensive article I’ve ever found about real estate website SEO. It wouldn’t make sense for me to tell you why you need SEO for your website because the article does that very well. One warning, don’t try to consume this article all in one sitting. It’s broken up into sections, and I recommend consuming each part in one sitting.

I want to discuss with you why you need a website at all. After all, doesn’t your broker have a website?

You and I both know that your relationship with your broker is not an employee relationship, you are a contractor, and if you don’t produce, you don’t get paid. You are responsible for producing listings and selling homes, and you are well compensated for it, but… your success is on you.

When a prospect is looking to buy or sell a home, their relationship will be with you, not your broker. Now please don’t interpret this as a dump on brokers; they can make your life as an independent agent much more comfortable, but the reality is stuff happens, and agents move on. When this happens, it’s an excellent idea for you to have a web presence that moves on with you. This means a website and a social media presence that is yours and yours alone, which is why today’s article is so important.

ultimate seo guideThe real estate agents dream: quality local leads on autopilot.

Fewer cold calls, no more meetings with unqualified prospects, and of course, more revenue.

How do you make the dream a reality?

The answer: real estate SEO.

(i.e. showing up, and standing out, on Google when people search for the services you provide)

Today, 90% of home buyers use the internet. With so many people searching online for homes, the agents who master realtor SEO, wins.

The best part about real estate SEO? It never rests. It generates leads for you 24/7, without the need to call, buy ads, or pound the pavement.

Ready to step off the lead generation hamster wheel?

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