Marketing Your Real Estate Business on Social Media, 6 Expert Tips for Marketing Your Real Estate Business on Social MediaSocial media has significantly impacted consumer behavior and plays a crucial role in informing consumer choices. As a real estate business person, social media can help you grow your business by increasing your brand's visibility and reach. It also enables you to understand the needs of your customers better. If you wonder whether to invest in creating a social media marketing strategy for your real estate business, the following statistics should convince you.

  • 56% of Americans have a profile on at least one social networking site, up from 52% in 2011 and 48% in 2010, meaning more Americans are now on social networking sites than off. In most developed nations and even many developing ones, the situation is similar.
  • The age group showing the most rapid growth is now 45—50-year-olds. 55% percent of this age group in the US is active in social media—very close to the national average. In addition, more than 30% of over 55-year-olds also have social media profiles. This contradicts the view that many business people hold that social media is only for college students with no money.
  • 22% of Americans log onto social media sites more than once per day.
  • In 2011 68% of those active on social networks stated that activity on the networks did not influence their purchasing decisions; in 2012, this number fell to 36%. Social networks are increasingly starting to influence customer behavior.
  • 47% of social network users now say that Facebook influences their buying behavior the most—compared to 24% in 2011.

From all of the above, it is clear that any business that wants to remain relevant in a marketplace that becomes more virtual every year has to incorporate a vital social media element in its marketing strategy.

But wait—before you rush out and go online, make sure you stop and think about the best way to implement a social media strategy for your real estate business.

How to Market Your Real Estate Business On Social Media

To get the best out of social media, you need to craft a strategy that works for your business. Here are expert tips for marketing your real estate business on social media to widen your reach and get more clients.

1. Choose the Right Social Media Platform

The first step in marketing your real estate business on social media is choosing the right social media platform. When selecting a social media platform for promoting your business, always go where your target audience is. Also, tailor your content to suit the forum you are on for the best results. With this in mind, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn are the best choices for promoting your real estate listings.

Facebook allows you to make posts and publicize your listings that cater to a large audience. You also get to post images and videos, as well as access to analytics. Instagram is a highly visual platform; it is the best place to post pictures and videos of your optimized real estate listings. Accompany the images with compelling posts and hashtags for more success. Finally, use LinkedIn to connect and network with other real estate professionals and clients.

2. Interact with Your Audience Actively

While posting only about your real estate business might look like the perfect idea to get your business out there, your audience can quickly get tired of them. So instead of making your real estate's social media accounts look like advertisement pages, consider actively engaging with your audience and creating two-way conversations.

This helps you connect with your audience, understand their motivation to buy your property, and give your brand a human face. It also allows you to understand your client base better to meet their needs adequately.

Interact with your audience by answering their questions, replying to posts, and sharing real estate advice. Doing so earns loyalty from your audience and depicts you as the ideal go-to person for real estate matters.

3. Be Consistent When Posting

Consistency is key to a working social media marketing strategy. Post valuable content consistently so that your target audience doesn't forget about you and your business. However, be careful not to overwhelm your audience. Establish when your target audience is most active so you can post during these peak times and reach more people.

Having a content calendar is the best way to maintain consistency with your social media posting. Social media software tools like HootSuite and Buffer can also help you schedule your posts and meet your posting targets without neglecting other important aspects of your business. Mix up your content by juggling promotional, informative, and entertaining posts to avoid monotony.

4. Incorporate Storytelling and Client Testimonials

Stories that resonate with your target audience are great for building trust and confidence in your audience. It is also a chance to show your audience how you do business and inspire them to use your services. Whether it is talking about your real estate journey or your clients' stories, storytelling is an art that can drive your social media marketing success a notch higher.

Post customer testimonials and positive reviews to convince potential clients to use your services. Testimonials provide social proof, which is critical when marketing your listings. Since videos are the best for driving engagements and visibility, consider using them to tell your real estate stories. What's more, they are favored by algorithms, thus giving you more online visibility.

5. Optimize your Real Estate Content 

When creating content for your real estate's social media, ensure that you optimize it for more visibility. Optimizing your content ensures that you get the message to the right people, and it also boosts your online visibility and makes your business discoverable.

Utilize SEO for real estate listings such as short, concise, and compelling titles. Mix up texts with high-quality images and videos to drive engagements and get your social media networks to share your content. Also, use keywords and localize your posts by tailoring them to suit the geographical location you serve.

6. Track and Monitor Your Progress

Tracking and monitoring your social media campaigns gives you an insight into what works and what doesn't. You don't invest in unproductive strategies or platforms and avoid content marketing mistakes that can jeopardize your progress. You also save time and money by concentrating only on what adds value to your marketing strategy and improving your approach.

The best way to track the performance of your social media marketing strategy is by using analytics. This way, you find out which posts bring the most engagement and conversions. You can also create unique landing pages for every social media platform so that you can monitor where leads come from. Your real estate business will thrive if you track your performance and adjust your marketing approach accordingly.

Let The Website Marketing Pros Craft Unbelievable Social Media Marketing Strategy for Your Real Estate Business

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