How are your social media skills? I think we all know that we’re supposed to be taking advantage of social media but do you know what that mean?

What should you be posting, how often, where do you find content to post, is it working?

There are tools that help you with all of these questions and can help you to setup a daily system to conquer the task.

David Tile’s inclusive article “10 Social Tools That Modern Real Estate Agents Need” lists these tools and how you should be using them to free up some time and gather an audience for your content.

social media real estateBeing a real estate agent in today’s digital marketing environment is all about connecting with potential clients and generating leads. Social media is king on this front, but simply stating the obvious on social media isn’t going to help you get very far on such crowded networks. To really capture the attention of your audience, you need something more than just a fundamental understanding of the need for a social presence.

Winning on social media often boils down to two things: having the right tools on your side and knowing how to properly leverage them. With this in mind, here’s a breakdown of the top 10 social tools that the modern real estate agent can’t live without, as well as how to put these tools to good use.

As you can see, there’s no limit to the amount of time and effort you can save with these vital social media tools. The only question left to answer now is whether you’re ready to put these tools to good use and leave the rest of your real estate competition in the dust on Facebook, Twitter and all of the other prime social platforms. read more at

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