How many of you had a MySpace account? I did, and I spent A LOT of time optimizing it. I don’t recall ever getting a lead from it though. So here we are in 2019 and we’re still optimizing our Social Media accounts. Just wondering, how’s it working out for you?

Do you monitor your return on investment of both time and money? Are you generating revenue from your efforts? I’m not sure if I am, but I still do it.

One thing of which we can be certain is that there will be changes in this coming year on how we utilize Social Media and which ones will dominate. It’s pretty clear that Facebook is on the ropes after their problems with sharing too much information this past year.

So what should we do? Lindsay Tigar from The Ladders has published “7 social media trends to prepare yourself for in 2019” this morning and I found it informative and helpful. I believe she is taking a realistic view at Social Media and that you might profit from giving it your attention. media has been alive and well since the dawn of the internet and since the mid-2000s, businesses have been developing ways to use these friendly forums to reach users, customers, and clients. As the founder and CEO of Odyssey New Media, LTD Robert Stoubos explains, significant portions of people’s attention every day and every week are spent consuming information and engaging with pals, influencers, and brands. In fact, Facebook, Instagram, and the whole gamut are arguably more engaging than watching TV or playing video games these days, according to Stoubos.

This requires companies to not only have a platform on social media but to always invest in the most effective strategies that evolve over time and throughout industries. In fact, Stoubos estimates more than 70% of businesses use at least one social media platform for their marketing campaigns, and less than half view them as part of their ROI strategy.

Even if you have less than five employees and you’re a regional business, Rosenbaum says social isn’t an optional add-on anymore. It’s a requirement. He even goes as far to say, particularly in the cut-throat restaurant industry, being where your consumers are is a prerequisite. Or really, any place where customer opinion not only matters but is published for the world to see.

  • Facebook may not always be the king of social.
  • Audience demand for that informative, engaging content will continue to rise.
  • Business LinkedIn Pages will become more prominent.
  • No product category is safe from being upended.
  • The vertical video will rise.
  • Small businesses will need to invest in social media.
  • Buying directly on social media will be easier.


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