If I were to search for “Realtors in Raleigh” where would your site rank? Okay, how about “Realtors in Raleigh Oakwood”? Before you go and check, I’ll tell you that “realtors in Raleigh” have 125,000,000 results (competitors) and “realtors in Raleigh oakwood” have 634,000. That’s one-half as many competitors. In which market would you prefer to compete?

You and I both know that Real Estate is a VERY competitive business, so how can you stand out in that crowd? Well, today, I’m sharing a post from IXACT Contact that offers “Best Tips for Driving Traffic to your Real Estate Website” that provides advice on how to get real estate website traffic to your website.

How to Get Real Estate Website TrafficCreating your real estate website is an exciting process. You carefully choose the look and craft the content. Following this, you send your beautiful new website out into the world wide web. But then what? If you’re not driving traffic to your real estate website, what good is its elegant design and terrific listings?

Setting up your website is the first step to building a valuable online presence. This will create more leads for you as an Agent. But, driving traffic to your website is just as important! As a result, we will discuss the best ways to drive traffic to your real estate website.

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