benefits of youtube, 7 Impressive Benefits of YouTube for Real EstateYouTube is a massive business, but just how massive is it? It has the power to generate up to $25 billion a year. That makes it a huge player, rivaling many Fortune 500 businesses.

YouTube makes so much money because it's delivering an effective service to its customers. The opportunities for real estate are impressive, so don't miss out. Read on to learn about the 7 benefits of YouTube for real estate.

1. Share and Share Again

Have you ever viewed a great YouTube video and shared it with your friends? Many people do just that.

Sharing a YouTube video is a great way to connect with people. It feels nice to pass something on to someone in the same way as giving them a gift. It shows you're thinking about them, and even a video of a cute kitten helps build and maintain bonds between people.

Buying a home is a major commitment and can be one of the most important decisions in your life. Friends and family want to help, but it's not always easy to do.

When you know someone is looking for a home, sharing a YouTube video of a possible home or a real estate agent's video says, I'm thinking of you, and I want to help. Few social media options provide the facility to share in the way YouTube does.

You can provide links to a YouTube video from your webpage or include it in an email. This can then be shared with others without them having to subscribe to YouTube. So easy and so flexible.

2. Your Low-Cost Commercial

When you create a YouTube video, you are making a commercial for your brand, your company, and the homes of your clients. Even with modest production values, it can communicate effectively with prospective clients.

With a little thought, the content can be informative and engaging. The more interest you can generate, the more the video will be suggested to other viewers by YouTube. Success breeds more success.

With a title and content targeting a specific audience, potential clients can find you easily. Try a question and answer format addressing the frequently asked questions of new clients. Consider showcasing specific homes or profiling neighborhoods to generate interest.

3. Link to More

One of the wonderful features of YouTube is its capability to link to other assets you might like to bring to potential clients' attention. You can do this from within the video itself, from the comments area, and even through your own dedicated YouTube channel.

Invite people to subscribe to your channel to see other videos you have uploaded. Suggest that they sign up for notifications so that they don't miss videos you upload in the future. It can feel like they are joining a club where they get exclusive access to information they want in their search for a home or a real estate agent.

You can also use YouTube to introduce people to your other social media assets. For example, invite viewers of your YouTube videos to join you on Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram. The more embedded they are in your social media world, the more engaged they can become.

4. Search Engine Optimization

You may have put a huge amount of effort into your webpage. Professional design and content development can provide you with great online representation. Do you sometimes feel that all that effort will waste because too few people are viewing it?

YouTube can help with search engine optimization. SEO is about ranking more highly in search engines, especially on Google searches. Having a YouTube channel can be an effective means of being discoverable on Google.

Google owns YouTube, so it's hardly surprising that they work beautifully together. Google recognizes that it's easy to produce written content, but that video might be a little more demanding. As a result, it tends to favor video in its search engine rankings, and it's not surprising that Google supports its own internet video provider.

Try providing content that reflects the kind of searches your clients are likely to enter on Google. If your business is in Hillsboro, NC, “Buying a home in Hillsboro, NC” is going to pull in your potential clients very effectively.

5. Be an Early Adopter

YouTube may not be a social media option that you've considered using. Perhaps other options seem more accessible to you, but they are not necessarily the right options for your clients.

Facebook and Instagram can be easy to start up, but they rely on your clients subscribing. They are not easy to link to or share. Being a real estate early adopter of YouTube could have its advantages.

YouTube already has a huge audience that becomes available to you. Once you overcome the challenge of producing your first content for YouTube, it doesn't seem so much of an obstacle.

6. Beat the Competition

A brief survey of your competition might reveal that few, if any, are using YouTube. This doesn't mean that YouTube is not an excellent vehicle for communicating with potential clients. It does indicate that there is an opportunity to beat the competition.

7. Crazy Numbers of Users

YouTube has 2 billion monthly users. Even on TV screens, there's daily consumption of 250 million hours of video material. With a further 70% of their viewers watching content on mobile devices, this is a huge advertising opportunity.

There are crazy numbers of users, and many of them are in your neighborhood and your target client audience.

Mobilize the Benefits of YouTube

This list of the benefits of YouTube may be persuasive, but it's not until you've tested the opportunity that you'll know. Putting your toe in the water can be relatively easy and cost-effective. Give it a go.

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