When you want to list your house, where is the first place you go? Ok, let’s add the caveat that you don’t already have a BFF who’s a Realtor. If your answer is Google, my guess is you are right!

So now what happens? Depending upon where you live, you could have up to one half million results for a search like “Raleigh real estate agent” where I live, I only have 46 results. Now, where do you rank in those results? If you’re not in the local map results or the video results, you have a visibility problem.

Well, today, we’re going to discuss how to get into those video results. I guess that many of you are already familiar with Tara Jacobsen, but if you’re not, you are in for a treat. About three years ago, Tara wrote an excellent article that provides a step by step on creating a neighborhood video, and I’m sharing it with you. Please take the time to read this article; it will change your results for next year, I promise.

real estate marketing videos, Real Estate Marketing Videos – the Most Powerful Farming Tool Agents Have Today!Whoo whoo… today we are going to talk about one of the absolutely most powerful things a listing agent can do to prospect for sellers…real estate marketing videos of neighborhoods!

I KNOW, that is a bold statement to throw down, but I am feeling all pumped up today to tell all my real estate agent peeps something that will make a huge difference in your business.

There is an old saying, “Buyers buy houses and sellers buy marketing.” That is a truth that many agents don’t really get. A home seller only wants two things, to sell fast and for the most money, period. They want bells and whistles from their agent’s marketing to make sure they are getting a great agent who will help them meet that goal.

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