Real estate companies use videos in this digital era to promote their properties and generate potential leads. A survey shows that 39% of people visit online video sites to find a property. However, the question in everyone's mind is how to create a real estate video.

Here in this blog, we will discuss the best real estate video examples. These examples will help you create marketing videos for your real estate business.

Use an introduction video.

Whether you are a real estate tycoon or new to the business, an introduction video is an ideal way to tell the audience about your company—An intro video help in conveying to the viewers your message that presents your services.

You can use an intro video to explain how you assist people in purchasing a property, and it will build your brand image and generate potential leads.

Let's look at the Lindsay Wynn real estate agent profile video that impressed the audience.

Create a property listings video for marketing

One of the critical job duties of a real estate agent is to make property listings to promote their properties in front of potential buyers. Nowadays, people use video listings to create a meaningful impression in the viewer's minds.

The best thing about video listing is that it gives a more holistic look at a property. It will help viewers in making the right decision for purchasing a property.

Here is a beautiful example of the video listing by Michael Bailey, a renowned estate agent.

Create a video and offer a free service

You can attract your audience's attention by offering them a free service. Watch this exciting video created by Nichola Beveridge. In this video, he highlights the main issue that many sellers and homebuyers do not know the actual worth of their properties and offer customers a home valuation free.

Educate your audience

Many companies use educational videos in the real estate business to build long-term customer relationships. The best thing about these videos is that your message won't look salesy because you can use them to assist your clients in solving their problems. Companies use educational videos to help people who want to buy or sell properties.

Explainer Videos

Real estate businesses use animated explainer videos to persuade the audience to buy their properties. Take a look at this explainer video of Haus. In this video, they educate their audience on how users can use their software to buy a house according to their lifestyle.

It saves the buyer's efforts and time. They are revolutionizing the buying and selling of properties in the real estate industry through their top-notch services.

Suppose you are looking for new ways to promote your real estate services and incorporate animated videos into your marketing strategy. Outsource your video projects to the animation company and enhance your marketing.

You don't need to hire animators for that; search for video animation companies and consult with the best video animation company.

Testimonial videos build audience trust in your company

Undoubtedly, a testimonial video is one of the most effective marketing techniques that help in building prospects' trust in your company. You can share the feedback of your satisfied customers in a video, which enhances audience confidence in your services.

Here is a video of Scott Nicot; he compiled different testimonials of customers to explain how he is assisting them in fulfilling their needs effortlessly and seamlessly.

Record a house tour video

According to recent research, virtual tours help in generating potential leads. House tour videos help in increasing conversions.

Take a look at this home tour video of Boutique Real Estate Group. Viewers can see the aerial view of the house to check the neighborhood and surroundings.

In this video, they showed indoor and outdoor settings and used markers to explain the sizes, which helped the audience make the right decision.

Create video invites for open houses

Open houses have become a new trend in the real estate industry. Companies can use open houses to generate potential leads, which is one of the best ways to invite people to your open house and create hype about the event.

For buyers, an open house helps them in getting essential information about the place. If viewers like the house, they can reach out to the seller.

The best thing about open houses is that you can send video invitations via email or WhatsApp to your family or friends searching for a property.

Look at the open house video of the open house minimal invite.

The video is an inspiration for real estate companies. After watching this video, we can say that they have spent their time and effort on video editing.

Video editing is the central pillar of marketing and enriches video quality. Some businesses might think that video editing is expensive, and however, video editing cost is affordable as editors charge between $80 to $100 for video editing.

Closing Remarks

Like every industry, real estate is a business sector where people buy and sell their properties. In this article, we have discussed the best tips and video examples that will help you in creating videos for your business.

Nowadays, marketers in the real estate business are spending heavily on video ads instead of focusing on traditional marketing mediums. Video ad has become a powerful medium that has helped businesses increase their sales and revenue, and video ads also help build their brand image.

The best thing about video ads is that you can use them on social networks, websites, apps, and other digital platforms to promote your properties.