youtube marketing for real estate, YouTube Marketing for Real EstateYouTube currently has over two billion daily users.

That is over a third of people using the internet, browsing daily on the video site. It is considered the second most used search engine after Google itself.

You can not afford not to market your real estate brand on your real estate YouTube channel these days. There is so much potential that the channel could provide for your business.

Take a look at our guide on starting in real estate YouTube marketing and what you can do to build yourself a successful channel.

Design Your Channel Page

Your channel page is your homepage on YouTube. It would help if you made it look its best by giving it a great design. Primarily you do this by updating the channel banner.

Choose a great picture for your banner. Something that really showcases the best of the types of properties you represent. Make sure you include a headshot of yourself on the banner as well.

Also, include your contact details on the banner. People may not always take the time to find your details in the information section. Make it easy for them to get in touch. Getting your contact details visible should be a top priority in your real estate marketing YouTube strategy.

Don't forget to set your channel icon as well. This could either be a professional headshot of you or your company logo.

Complete Your About Section

The About section on YouTube often gets forgotten, but it is key to putting all your company information. One of the benefits of real estate YouTube marketing is that this will get picked up in search engine crawl results and adds extra visibility to your brand.

You can also include a search-engine-optimized blurb that describes who you are and what you do. You can link back to your main website from here, too.

Create a YouTube Marketing Content Plan

Once you have set up the essentials on your channel page, it is time to develop a content plan. This is where the real work of how to market on YouTube begins.

Sit on with a notebook and start brainstorming ideas of videos you can make. You may want to look at other realtors for inspiration and see what they post to their channels.

Some ideas could include:

House Tours – Show off your best assets by creating a video tour around the property. Video tours should become a standard for most of your listings.

Neighborhood Reviews – Take your potential buyers on a tour of each neighborhood in your remit. Show off the highlights and even interview the locals if they are willing.

How to Videos – These videos are always popular with the YouTube algorithm. Give your viewers guides on how to secure a loan or the buying process. It will make people feel secure in your expertise.

Choose the videos that work best for your model and plan how and when you will record them. You may need to recruit specialists to help you capture footage or edit, so factor this into any timescales for production.

Create Vibrant Thumbnails Images

The thumbnail image is the first thing a subscriber or potential viewer will see when scrolling through their YouTube feed. It needs to be eye-catching, so it gives them pause to stop scrolling and click your video.

People are automatically drawn to smiling faces, so it is a good idea to include a picture of yourself in your thumbnail. Turn up the saturation a little to make the colors pop a little more. This will get people to take a second look.

Add Titles, Tags, and Descriptions

This is where you can add SEO-optimized content to your video. Describe your video using keywords that people will be searching for in Google. This makes your video appear in the search results both on YouTube and Google.

Titles need to be snappy and clever, as these appear below the thumbnails in a user's search feed. Once a viewer has been stopped from scrolling by your thumbnail, they will read the title.

It needs to entice them. Include relevant keywords like the town or area that your cover. Or keywords relating to the type of property or primary features.

This also goes for your descriptions and video tags. Whilst these are less for the viewer and more for the search engines, it is important to fill them out with the relevant keywords so people can find your videos.

Descriptions also need to be user-friendly, don't just stuff them full of keywords. This is counter-intuitive. Describe what the video is about in a short paragraph, then make sure you add your contact information and links to your social media accounts.

Include Annotations and End-cards

You can use the end-cards and annotations features to place calls to action inside your videos.

Annotations will pop up during a video in the corner, allowing the viewer to open a link to another video or web page. You can use them to encourage viewers to go to your website or perhaps related property listing videos.

End-cards appear at the end of the video, as the name suggests. They appear in the center of the screen and provide links to related videos to encourage viewers to watch your videos.

The time the user spends watching your videos is a metric YouTube uses to measure your platform's success. So, it is a good idea to keep viewers engaged and watching your videos as long as possible.

This is possible with listing videos if you chain properties related by area together using end-cards. A viewer can move through your whole list without ever needing to leave your channel.

Boost Your Channel with Social Media

Once you have a channel up and running with a good selection of optimized videos, you need to boost your signal using social media. Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter are all set up for video and make it easy to share video content.

Get your videos out to the public by sharing your YouTube videos on your accounts and sending viewers back into your channel.

Real Estate YouTube Marketing Can Be Easy

Creating a real estate YouTube Marketing plan doesn't have to be difficult. Just follow the steps outlined above, and you should find your number of views growing daily.

Keep your content fresh and optimized, and most of all, fun to watch!

If you found this article useful, please look at our service page and see how we can assist you with your YouTube marketing strategy.

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